Orpheus/The Force

Orpheus/The Force


High energy feel good crunch factor with hints of Radio Head esce jams. We bring the thunder with out completly succumbing to the Sound Tribe Sector Nine type electronic jams. Electronic music is turning the jam scene into a synthetic, soulless meat market.


We are a group of eclectic musicians from the Geneseo area who have banded together for a need to resist the inescapable boredom of life in our small conservative town. we would like to say that we play everything under the sun, but right now we are interested in high energy funk and jazz as well as blues and rock feels. We are simple but intense. We have been experimenting recently with jazz standards by Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter but we are giving them a more modern twist. Very danceable.


Japanese Pie

Written By: Zack Johnson and Tony Fontain

Get drawn by the undertoe
In the sea scenario.
Japanese Pie.


We have a fews tapes of us jamming in my basement that are prety crunchy.

Set List

we have not had an official gig yet but we have played lots of jazz standards, but besides those we play Stevie Wonder, Phish, James Brown, Radio Head, Kool and the Gang, Talking Heads, Eric Clapton, Allamen Bros., David bowie, Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Doors, as well as a few Greatful Dead numbers. We also have two or three original jams.