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The best kept secret in music


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Proof Of Impact EP (Thinker Thought Records)

The Forecast/1090 Club split EP (Thinker Thought Records)

Relationships Ruin Friendships EP (Thinker Thought Records)

Late Night Conversations (Victory Records)

In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (Victory Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Forecast sing about straight highways and whiskey, small towns, giving up and gaining hope. From Peoria, Illinois, a downstate town that is dying by degrees comes this young rock band for whom a steadily declining economy and the narrowed options of their friends and family became fodder for songs that are devastating, bittersweet and dreamy. The high lonesome soprano of bassist Shannon Burns soars over the vocals of guitarists Dustin Addis and Matt Webb on songs that alternate from sweet harmonies and meandering guitars of classic rock to the breakneck intensity of indie rock and punk.

In The Shadow of Two Gunmen showcases densely layered vocal arrangements that sound like the work of a much older band, leavened by raucous gang vocals, courtesy of their hardcore roots. The guitars combine classic rock goodness and rough-edged Americana, lending blistering passion to lyrics that convey faith, hopefulness and a deep love of family and place. On "And We All Return To Our Roots" Burns' soprano refrain, "All I want is a little place of my own where I can rest my head" rings over Addis, who sings, "I'd rather move than watch you damn the gods." He explained, "I wrote that song about watching pieces of yourself stripped away over time and how you eventually just have to stop, get back to your roots, and find some space for yourself."
The pretty harmonies of "One Hundred Percent" and chiming, twangy guitars frame a pledge to give loved ones the full measure of oneself, saying, "As soon as we met, I gave you my best, one hundred percent of me."

Hailing from the once quiet town of Peoria, Illinois, The Forecast exploded onto the indie rock circuit in 2001. With their must-see live performances alongside bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hey Mercedes, The Jealous Sound, Motion City Soundtrack and The Velvet Teen, they earned a rabid following in not only Peoria, but also the Midwest in general. Taking cues from indie staples such as Rainer Maria, Braid, and The Anniversary, The Forecast gave the genre a well-deserved kick in the ass, ratcheting up the intensity and throwing down balls to the wall, in-your-face rock and roll. After playing in local bands, the members of The Forecast came together with a vision of the kinds of songs they wanted to play, inspired by the blue collar lives in their hometown. "Our biggest influence is the people we are surrounded by, our friends and family. We come from a town that is pretty easy to get discouraged in and witnessing some of them give up their dreams for factory jobs or worse helped form some of our songs", explained guitarist/singer Dustin.

After signing to Victory Records, The Forecast released Late Night Conversations, produced by A.J. Mogis. The album received critical acclaim from magazines and newspapers across North America and The Forecast toured with bands like Bayside, Action Action, I Am The Avalanche and Planes Mistaken For Stars. As the months of touring in support of the album went by, they experienced the full impact of a notoriously hard way to live. The loss of a dear friend and the close calls others were the source for "Welcome Home", the closing track on the new album which speaks to the monotony and danger on the road. In The Shadow of Two Gunmen was produced by John Naclerio, who is known for his work with bands like Brand New and Matchbook Romance. Addis recalled, "John was super open to all the ideas we had coming into the studio and to helping us make them happen. He was also extremely helpful working with Shannon and I on our vocals. He just made everything really comfortable."

The Forecast have synthesized twang, rock and roll and bittersweet lyrical themes into their own signature sound. With all the heartache and sweetly sad odes to longing and loss, make no mistake about it, this is a band with power and intensity to spare. In The Shadow of Two Gunmen shows off songwriting chops and southern-tinged, cathartic rock that will appeal to fans of bands like Rainer Maria, Ryan Adams and Wilco.