The Forest

The Forest

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The Forest, a creative gukak (Korean traditional music) group, has created effective and well balanced music since it was formed in 2001 inspired by the tradition and the nature motif


The Forest is a Korean classical crossover band, first formed in 2001, based on Korean traditional music. Their music overcome defects of difficulty and boring thing through expressing special music with popular completed senses. There was the first opening performance in Singapore Asian Artmart in 2005 for the first time as a Korean team. The Forest is praised by NewYork Lincoln Center Concert in the best new tradition and regularly carry out overseas trip by national culture mission.
When it finds traditional music-based, The Forest is one of the few acknowledge bands with the ability to take care of all music-required work such as performing, composing, and recording within their own team members. Also The Forest is the first band in Korea getting mixed modern and traditional music lately to compare with the other country.
The Forest music, which makes a harmony composing with Korean’s representative musical instrument like a gayageum, a daegeum, a haegeum, a danso, and a taepyongso making variety effects, has been currently used for a musical, theater, TV drama, CF. Therefore it grows up to the world music through lots of experiences in past and present, over the Eastern and Western boundary.
“Morning Scenery,” the debut album, was first released in 2002 and then starting from 2005, they have been advancing produced performance and their second album “Pan Project 2” has been released on September, 2006. The Forest produced experimental variety performance like “Echo,” “Green Circle,” “Performusic-Parandaemun,” “ Dejavu,” “Magic Words Finding Memory,” “Eternity.” The Forest’s third album “Green Circle” that makes expectation of the Forest’s new stage and fantastic performance.


1st record 'Morning scenery'

2nd record 'Pan project 2'

3rd record 'Green Circle'

Set List

1. Various Wind instruments(Traditional instrument in Korea)
2. Pansori(a genre of Korea traditional music)singer.
3. synthesizer
4. acoustic guitar
5. percussion