The Forgotten Army

The Forgotten Army


Big, epic intricate wall of sound steeped in emotion; guitar and piano/keyboard band; reverbed high vocals; often tribal beats, dramatic and with hints of classical. Never samey, but always recognisable. Darkly inspirational


The Forgotten Army was created in mid 2004 by eccentric singer /songwriter Nick Jones. First came the song, The Forgotten Army, he then decided to quickly get a band together after booking a gig which he didn't have a band to do with. 2 weeks and quite a few mistakes on, the seeds were planted in a packed Annandale Hotel. Some time later, and with some line-up changes, and slightly altering his former life, the band was formed and the name The Forgotten Army was borne out of the song- a name that satirises the way people tend to get trapped in their day to day lives forgetting about what they really want, just like marching in an army... (see the first line of the said song). No, they are not some band with any links to the military or the Tibetan freedom fighters.

Produced on the cheap, but attracting Luke Baker to the engineering seat (past credits include The Cure, Gerling, etc), and producing it with Nick, the debut release, originally meant to be just a demo, is a welcoming though teasing look at the expressive diversity The Forgotten Army has to offer. The music has evolved significantly since the EP launch and has since been witnessed live in Melbourne and up the East coast.

Believing in the notion that playing consistently on the live circuit is important to get an idea for how a song will end up,The Forgotten army have supported artists as varied as Augie March, Pete Murray, Dappled Cities Fly, 78 Saab, Andy Clockwise and more. Songs are created and assembled on both guitars and piano/keys, with a strong importance placed on percussion and rhythm.

The following review excerpts (national & local) illustrate the bands distinct individuality, definition and point of difference to other muse in the present climate. “Sounding like a raw hybrid of Radiohead (the early computer days) and an untreated Jeff Buckley, this as-yet unsigned Sydney band is flat-out brilliant” (Jonathan Lobban, GQ Magazine, Summer Edition 2004) “The Forgotten Army are perhaps the most subtly articulate and inventive band to come out of this city (Sydney) in years”(Drum Media, 2nd November 2004)

The Forgotten Army often uses a cellist live to fill out the orchestrated wall of sound that you hear on most recordings.
Sydney’s music Mecca, The Annandale Hotel has selected the band recently to be included on a “Best Of” compilation DVD with live favourite and yet to be released “All I Need” sitting alongside bands such as Electric Six, Dillinger Escape Plan, COG etc, which received DVD of the Week accolades in Rolling Stone, september 2005. The Forgotten Army is the newest band included on the DVD that comprises mostly major labelled or long-time established local & international acts who are identifying it as a true bombshell.

The often cinematic wall of sound generated by The Forgotten Army has also attracted interest from filmmakers, with “The Forgotten Army” (track 4 on the EP “a cityscape”) being included in a short film in New York at the renowned Tribecca Film Festival. It has also led to a scoring of a local film screened at independent cinema and festivals, which continues as an ongoing proposition.



Written By: Nick Jones, The Forgotten Army

A war brews in the cityscape
‘Tween towers and those that want to escape
The end is near for all of us
Beneath the walls don’t fear your falls
It won’t get any easier
To find a place of saving grace

You can scream above the towers
For it is now the telling hour
Shadows talk and no-one disagrees
Their feeble fears idyllic pleas
It won’t get any easier
To find a place of saving grace

…don’t lose your waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
find a place of saving grace

The end is near for all of us
Beneath the walls don’t fear you falls
It won’t get any easier
To find a place of saving grace

CHORUS (Crescendo again to finish)

All I Need

Written By: Nick Jones, The Forgotten Army

Fortunes told but no-one knows where we are going
Questions stay unanswered desecrated chances
Time is what I need

You can never see the end when you’re beginning
Why tell me of my mistakes you sit there grinning
Hope is what I need

Faces I have never seen and faces never dreamed
Say no before a word is said to the esteemed
Respect is what I need

All I need is all I cannot have

A smile when I wake up, a breakfast, no sneak-out
A sleep without a waking hour a reason for a flower
Love is all I need

Staring eyes computer screens you click on send/receive
The weekly no-replies the darkened weekend skies

Peace is what I need

All I need is all I cannot have

The Forgotten Army

Written By: Nick Jones, The Forgotten Army

You’re marching in an army but you can’t walk home
You’re marching in an army ‘til it cracks your bones
You’re marching in time but they don’t want to walk with you

Forget about yourself just forget about yourself
You are marching in a band where the beat goes on
The beat goes on but history goes without you

Its time to stop talking like you’re talking to a one-night stand
Stop talking your shit talking your shit
Its time to stop talking like a vagabond preacher
Stop mumbling shit….mumbling shit
Its time to stop talking like a gibberish liar
Stop mumbling shit
Mumbling shit ain’t gonna get you to the truth

Its time to get out of the way
Before you catch the disease that they don’t want to talk about

Its time to get out of the way
Before you catch the cold epidemic… its going to get you



We are the forgotten army……


EP "A Cityscape" released in very late 2004.

"F@#K this I'm going to the Annandale" - DVD 2005
Annandale Hotel's Compilation DVD with other bands such as 'Dillinger Escape Plan', 'Electric Six', 'The Stands', Magic Dirt, etc.

The band has received National and Community radio play on Triple J (unsigned pick of the week in their first week of airplay with 'cityscape'), FBI Sydney (song of the week in their first month of airplay with 'lovely disease' and 'cityscape' on high rotation), RRR Melbourne, and other community radio.

Set List

Changes depending on the gig. 45 minute support gigs around 9 songs, headlining gigs of about 1 hour or more 12 or so songs.

Songs played typically include:

The Emperor's Song
Are you ready?
The Forgotten Army
All I Need
Welcome to the Cult
If you want me come and get me
For your ears only
Life Goes On
March into the Clouds
and more