The Forks

The Forks

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

No matter what we are playing when we get behind our instruments. We play with heat. The Forks are brand your pork scalding hot heat. We can play for hours because we simply love to jam. It keeps the jams interesting and the sponteneity flowing fun. We´re a new band with a lot of gusto...


The Forks is a loosely defined outfit. Long before the official genesis of the band there were many years of jamsmanship and once-a-gig band names. The Forks have sifted their way through members and styles and continue to have an open perspective toward collaborating. In the summer of 2009, Saskatoon based group, The Elevators, set out on tour for NYC. We were all new to eachother and fostered our chemistry. With shared inspiration both projects, Forks and Elevators, have kept us busy with home recording sessions and gigs all around Saskatchewan.

James McKnight got behind the kit for the Forks in January 2011. That is when the original scores took shape in a groove. The Forks have been at core, a three piece. Donovan, Hank and James all bring coolness to the table. The sound has been called grungy, Weezer or Nirvana influenced, and it has, we all worship Mr. Neil Young and know the roots of creation. John Lee Hooker, Muddy, R.Charles, J.Brown Mississippi John Hurt. We welcome the fusion of all styles of music and cut it raw and thrash it rock n roll. The Music we make stands for itself. When we get on a roll, we cover everything from Elvis, Ween, Hank Williams, J.Cash, T.Petty, Bluegrass hits like Will the Circle be Unbroken, everything Stones, Neil, Beatles and Dylan.


Shadows at Midnight

Written By: Forks

Shadows at midnight its a very full moon
shadows at midnight its a very sure soon

Yes id open the window where we´d sit with the plants
shadows at midnight through cream fog of chance

The wind past the meadows did my nervous room dance
in the room where we´d mingle in the smog of romance

A lamp on the headress, a silk violet stare
shadows at midnight, sublime lilac air

Focus at midnight, a storm has prepared
the calm of an evening
and flesh so fair


The Forks LP released in summer 2011