The Form

The Form


We like to describe our original music as "Eclectic Soul Rock and Roll".


“The Form” Bio

The present lineup of “The Form” was established in 2000, with a mission to add another original category to the genre of rock music we like to call “Eclectic Soul Rock and Roll”. Members Ryan Elliott (Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars), James McMahon (Lead Vocals, Percussion, and Harmonica), and Ryan Thiel (Drums and Percussion) have been playing together in various other incarnations of this band for over 14 years. Brian McBryde (Bass and Vocals) has been a member for over 9 years while their newest member Paul Chier (Piano, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Synths, Vocals) has been with the band for over six years.

“The Form” injects the classic rock sound of the late 60's into a new wave progressive body. Their live-sounding style employs elements such as four-part harmonies, smooth dynamics, lyrical significance, song diversity, and harmonious musicianship. Each song generates its own feeling and is not created to fit within a fixed length of time or a musical category; allowing The Form to cross beyond rock's boundaries and into Funk, Country, Folk, Pop, Anthem, Reggae, Jazz and more. The main goal in writing is to create songs that are distinctly different from the last; a philosophy that earned them the 2002 Milwaukee Original Music Battle of the Bands title.

In September 2006, after two years of hard work, “The Form” released their first full-length album “Smalltown” which was recorded at Smart Studios (Garbage, Nirvana, Beck, Everclear, etc) in Madison Wisconsin. The band set out to capture the raw sounds of the past using all the “old school” techniques and equipment and melded them with today’s modern technology. This was achieved by their Engineer Brandon Mason (David Bowie, The Secret Machines, Joan Baez, Heather Nova, etc), and Mastering Engineer Fred Kevorkian (Willie Nelson, The White Stripes, Phish, Ryan Adams, etc). The album has a wide variety of songs that should appeal to many different listeners.


The Form independently recorded and produced their first full length album "Smalltown" at "Smart Studios" in Madison Wisconsin.

The album was engineered by Brandon Mason (David Bowie, The Secret Machines, Joan Baez, Tim McGraw).

"Smalltown" was masterd in New York City at "Avatar Studios" by Fred Kevorkian (Phish, White Stripes, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson).

Set List

A full show consists of two sets. A full show will last anywhere from 3-4 hours in length. Our set lists usually are 60-70% original and the rest covers. The covers usually are more in the classic rock realm.


65 Run
Moonshine Slim
Billy Bob O’Murphy
Time Away
Mother Nature’s Medicine
D-tune Slide
The Fall
Smalltown Midwestern Girl
Papa Bear
Who Needs You
Magnetic Souls
Captain Stems
Black Ash Swamp
7 Years Later
Caramel Girl


Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix
Put a Spell on You – CCR
Down on the Corner – CCR
The Seeker – The Who
Rockin in a Free World – Neil Young
Time – The Chambers Brothers
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
Franklin’s Tower – The Grateful Dead
Dark Hollow – The Grateful Dead
Sugar Magnolia – The Grateful Dead
Eyes of the World – The Grateful Dead
Taxman – The Beatles
Whiskey River – Willie Nelson
Simple – Phish
Gloria – Van Morrison