The Former Champions

The Former Champions


Progressive music with elements of world beat, funk, reggae, and rock. The song structures and overall sound are imaginative and danceable; each song is a journey, occasionally taking the listener places they haven’t been before but without loosing the groove or accessibility.


The Former Champions are a modern progressive band hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Described as creative, fresh, and powerful, The Former Champions contains previous members of the bands: PuddleDuck, Homemade Bread, and 51 Pegasus. The recent addition of 18 year old Saxophone phenom Matthew Zavitz has been a welcome one, allowing the band to delve into new territory, weaving together crisp progressions with mixed-meter groves to shake up the listener, invoke emotion, and keep things unconventional while remaining quite accessible. Always changing the stage show and adding new original material, one never knows exactly what they will hear or see at a Former Champs' show. The band has been known to perform accompanied by a pair of authentic belly dancers, a live artist painting a canvas, or to change the sound a bit by adding inspiring musicians. Raw, innovative, and at times mysterious, this is a band not to be missed.


Full Length CD "Now With Atomic Energy!"
Released 3/20/07 on Courthouse Records
Currently being played across the country on various college, indie, and jazz radio stations as well as streaming internet radio, XM, and Sirius.

Set List

The Former Champions typically play all original sets crafted to the needs of the venue. At times they will blend songs together instead of stopping in between each tune to enhance the experience. They are capable of playing as little as 20 minutes or as long as 4 hours.