The Former Something

The Former Something


The Former Something (TFS) is a passionate classic Rock & Roll band with significant Jam, Blues, Punk and Folk influences. Their original music is like nothing you have ever heard before and will keep your feet moving all night!


TFS met while attending school in North-Western Maine. Three close friends (Mike Robert, Keegan Reardon, and Mike Coffey) decided to join forces and create an original, laid back, acoustic jam band, based on their unique musical backgrounds (punk, folk, classic rock and marching band). It wasn't long before they discovered the excitement of plugging in, and creating tasty melodies with hard-rock riffs and rhythms. Over the next few months TFS recorded their first rough demo in a friend's basement studio. In the early spring of 2004, a neighbor (Nat Morgan) heard TFS practicing and was blown away by their unique sound. Nat began bringing his hand drums over to jam each night and soon became the final member that TFS had been searching for. After a hot summer spent in Old Orchard Beach, ME exploring their sound, spreading their music, and learning the ropes of the local gig scene, TFS returned to school and continued to evolve the jam, blues, folk, rock, reggae, and surf music they had created. By the summer of 2006, all of the band members had earned their degrees and were finally able to make music their primary focus.

In their three years together, TFS has played at about every type of venue imaginable, from bars to outdoor festivals, college cafes to wedding receptions. Fans of all ages pack venues throughout the northeast to experience the high intensity, original rock and roll shows that are The Former Something. The band members (four adrenaline junkies) love to live, and live for music. Welcome to the TFS Online press kit: kick back, listen to some tunes, check out the pics, and see why TFS is the band that will start the next revolution!


Here We Go (Demo) - 2004
Got Jack (Demo) - 2006

Set List

A TFS set can fall anywhere on the spectrum of an explosive 45 minute set to a three-plus hour face-melting rock adventure. A typical set is around two-thirds original tunes mixed with cover songs, typically including favorites by the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Pearl Jam, and Sublime. When called for TFS has the ability to play more cover songs if appropriate.

When the mood strikes, TFS will open the evening with an acoustic set that demonstrates their lighter side and explores their laid-back roots.