The Forthrights

The Forthrights


BROOKLYN GARAGE ROCKSTEADY! Known for killer underground dance parties and packing out Brooklyn clubs. Nationally touring.


A Rocksteady 4 – piece splitting their time between Brooklyn and New Orleans, the Forthrights bring hard hitting Jamaican rhythm combined with a 60's take on Garage Rock. Authentic and thoughtfuk, The Forthrights are known for putting on both raucous, underground, house parties and packing out clubs alike. Now, with the addition of solo artist Maddie Ruthless on guitar, the Forthrights’ sound is extra large with only four members. Simple and dance-able, The Forthrights make a purist’s Rocksteady from a forgotten era.


The Forthrights - Camp Birdman (5 song EP)
The Forthrights - Ska is Dead 7" Collection (2 song 45)
Maddie Ruthless feat. The Forthrights and Friends
The Forthrights - The Forthrights (self titled EP)