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The Forty-Eight breaks out with their debut album Radio Symmetry. After a rough two years stuck in a bad record deal, front girl Alissa Beyer turns her attention toward recovery, writing music so transparent it is nearly impossible for listeners to not find their reality dissolving into the songs (yes, even that 50 year old CEO down the street that drives a Prius and has the Pekingese named Doozer). The Forty-Eight has a style fans are calling "a spirited fusion of modern rock and punk pop" showcasing "lucid and tenacious" lyrics backed with high energy beats that fans are labeling as "jumping songs".

The Forty-Eight formed during the spring of 2013. After years of writing and recording as a solo pop/rock artist and working with credited writers and industry professionals like Teddy Geiger, Evan Taubenfeld, Jeff Clayborne and Joshua Sarubin, front girl Alissa Beyer finally decided to create, not a different, but a second road for her music. "There we're feelings that I had and things I wanted to say that wouldn't be said quite right if it was just me saying it, feelings that I thought were so universal it only felt right to address them as a group." That's when The Forty-Eight was born. Ryan Todd Garza, a long time drummer/guitar player for Alissa Beyer, joined the group instantly bringing his years of experience and musical flexibility to the table. "Ryan is like a sponge. He absorbs everything around him so quickly and accurately. I swear, if we decided on a spur of the moment bagpipe solo in the middle of the track we're getting ready to cut he'd have it down by the time we got back from a lunch break!" Colton Thomas is the youngest of The Forty-Eight. "I met Colton by serious stroke of luck. I was on the lookout for a new producer and happened to have some friends that had been working with a guy a few hours north of my hometown. So I called him up and scheduled a session, of course going in with no idea as to who was going to be playing on the track. Lucky for me, Colton walks in. Whether he knew it or not, he was really part of the band from that day on."

Bringing together the identity of the Alissa Beyer songs with the passion and drive of the band as a whole packs an even harder punch with those who, like Alissa, are not afraid to admit that themselves and the world around them is not perfect. "Coming from the solo artist side of the world, you can easily take things for granted, like a community. It's easy to feel completely alone and cut off when it's just your words, your thoughts, and your feelings. I'm not only talking about in music." If there is any impact that The Forty-Eight hopes to make with their music it's unity. "People forget that we're all on the same earth breathing the same air. How people choose to live their lives is completely out of our control, the least we can do is help them to sing the same songs."

With quick and energized drum beats, singing (not screaming) guitars, and melodies that you can't help but sing at the top of your lungs while waiting in traffic completely disregarding the soccer mom in the car next to you eyeing you down, The Forty-Eight's Radio Symmetry is a true at heart summer rock album.