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Written By: Josh Farrar

How could God be so greedy
As to take you away?
Could he not take your blooming soul
On another day?

How could God be so greedy
To steal you away from me?
I feel as if he has locked a door
And thrown away the key

How could God be so greedy
To take a child so sweet?
He should be gnawing on older bones
And abstain from such tender treats

How could God be so selfish
To take an angel so young?
On the ladder to his kingdom
You were only on the first rung

How could God be so bullying
To pounce on such easy prey?
Why not pick on someone His own size
And leave you to your child's play?

How could I be so helpless
To keep you in my grasp?
Though I hold you in my hands and arms
You are outside that clasp