Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Da1 is a diverse Artist because he has a background that allows him to look at things from different points of views and paint a picture of those views that come together like a pot of Cajun gumbo. An unusual mix but perfect if u have a taste for good music....


Da1 is Born and raised in the Capital City of Austin, Texas were he homed his style and lyrics as a rap artist and learned the hustle of the streets. Working with many Austin artist such as Poison Boys, Lil Sicc, Will Hustle, and Pimpin Pen to name a few but they all have one thing to say, that Da1 is a skillful and crafty artist regarding his wordplay and delivery.

Da1 is currently finishing up a Group project with the Group called the Foundation set to drop in the summer of 2011. The albums hit single Put her on Lock Features Bluu Suede signed to Stess Entertainment. The Album also includes the street anthem 8bars and Beat in My trunk that has a southern feel but a Northern swag. With songs strictly directed to the ladies such as Uh-Huh and V.I.P the album is well rounded and excepted within there close knit circle..

Da1 is also working on a solo project in the form of a mix-tape called Feast Or Famine which will showcase him along with other local talent. Influenced by the likes of Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, The Clipse, Rick Ross, Pimp Chad, Bun B, and Zro to name a few. Da1's style is unique in the way the he is not just a southern rap artist but has the lyrical content of a New Yorker in songs such as The Show. In a time where swagger sells albums Da1 has a deadly combination of swag, lyrics, Drive and confidence. With his highly anticipated Mix-tape Feast or Famine set to drop in 2011 as well Da1 is sure to make a big wave throughout the entertainment world.


Real Spit

Written By: Da1

Some fell to there knees but we chose to stand. No Childs play homie grown ass man..


Breakin Ground Ep
Get Money feat Pimpin Pen of NRFL
Real Spit feat Lil J and Lowkey of the L.O.E.G's
Lights Down Low single

Set List

Our sets are usual about 10-20 min and our set list goes as follows.......
1.Jay Walkin
2.Put her on Lock
3.Ballin and Grindin
4.8 Bars
5.Beat in my Trunk