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Top 10, April 23rd 2006:

"Tired of unambitious copycats? Columbia, MO’s FFR may have released only one 7” single since 2003’s debut EP, Fathers as Robots, but they worked those 36 months meticulously writing and building this epic, impressive shoegaze-pop concept album (roughly, man’s response to the speed of modern life). Listening to it, you can sense every thorough, crafting detail. And yet, it also feels so spontaneous and airy." (Jack Rabid) - The Big Takeover

"Battle Brigades 7""

"Founder of Columbia, Missouri's Emergency Umbrella label, Billy Schuh leads The Foundry Field Recordings with a reassuring crack in his voice and a slowcore attitude. combining the Low school of meditation with Feelies-like expansive elements of My Bloody Valentine's shoegazing feedback, the band perseveres through patches of gloom and despair into a meadow of sunlight." - The Onion

"Battle Brigades 7""

"Ten years ago, Foundry Field Recordings could have masqueraded as the only Elephant 6 band that didn't dig The Beach Boys. Instead, the cheerless Indie group is a spoke in a new band collective, Columbia, Mo.-based Emergency Umbrella Records. Billy Schuh, a singer/guitarist and the founder of the label, began FFR in 2002 with drummer Benjamin Hook.

The membership doubled when Schuh recruited guitarist Daniel Stegall and bassist Becky Baxter, who had just left The Kingdom Flying Club, another Emergency Umbrella artist. In 2003 the band (then known as Billy Schuh and the Foundry) released their debut EP, Fathers as Robots. It was a quick but resonating introduction to the band's straightforward melodic sojourns that infiltrate your brain like a gorgeous musical sedative.

The songs ranged from building, atmospheric Slowcore to more moderate tempo Shoegaze, tied together with a touch of twang and homespun charm. Today, the smartly dressed quartet continues to straddle the space between Dream Pop and Indie Rock with Battle Brigades, their new 7-inch single. The lush sound of the title track documents their growth as musicians and writers, coming off as more methodical than experimental and paying closer attention to the needs of the song.

Schuh's soft Brit Pop vocals are captured perfectly, sometimes reminding you of Badly Drawn Boy or an older crooner like Morrissey. The rest of the band adds harmonies and "ooohs," Stegall layers the jangly guitar with e-bow and other adornments and Baxter's throbbing bass floats on the sharp drumming of Hook. It's a tastefully integrated sound that compels you to focus on the entirety of their pieces and the emotions they convey.

Foundry Field Recordings is currently on a club tour in support of Battle Brigades, and a new full-length album is due this fall." (Ezra Waller)

- Cincinnati City Beat

">Fathers as Robots EP"

"Harmony. Melody. Charm. Pop this album in after you've had your heart broken. Or, listen to it after your first date with an awesome new someone. The Columbia (missouri) quartet sparkles with musical er on this ep. Melodic guitars laced with sweet vocals make this a romantic choice for a sunday afternoon." - What's up Bra? (zine) 2004 issue 2

"Fallout Stations EP"

"The EP's closing track, "Transistor Kids,” shows great musical range for the Missouri foursome. Following one minute of a beautiful and delicate piano solo, the song moves into indie rock haven territory talking of transistor kids contemplating the personalities of electric harmonies. Stepping into stride, the tune closes out with the inviting fuzzed out guitars of shoegaze-pop." -
- Filter

"Fallout Stations EP"

"For all their smolder, it's fitting that this Columbia, MO quartet chose the name The Foundry Field Recordings: just as a foundry uses furnaces to melt metal, these CMJ favorites bring an orange molten glow to their music." -
- Spin


"The Foundry Field Recordings' debut is the form that indie rock will take when the government androids move in next door. Prompts/Miscues is a unified piece wired directly into the timeless sound of lovesickness. If Big Brother is listening atleast he is tapping his foot." - CMJ Music Monthly "Best New Music"
- CMJ Music Monthly


"It’s always exciting when musicians from a town that isn’t known for its scene come out of nowhere with a bunch of songs that would make the “Next Big Thing” blush with inadequacy. Consider Foundry Field Recordings a much-needed antidote to all the bands out their playing to a full room at their first show. Its refreshing." - The L Magazine, NYC
- The L Magazine, NYC


"I am obsessed with The Foundry Field Recordings. If you haven't checked them out yet, there are a couple of MP3's on The Test Pilot." - Brooklyn Vegan
- Brooklyn Vegan

"Fallout Stations EP"

"There are great spatial soundscapes that come out of nowhere and bounce around your skull as though it is as empty as the sky above. It is all about using the sound and space cooperatively, making the sound as big as it can be made. The FFR have the unique ability to fill the space they create with ambient, yet loud, guitar washes and string arrangements." -


Fallout Stations EP [June 2007]
Prompts/Miscues LP [October 2006]
eMusic Live at Schubas [May 2005]
Battle Brigades 7" [September 2005]
>Fathers as Robots EP [October 2003]



Hailing from the Midwestern college town of Columbia, Missouri, The Foundry Field Recordings have been perfecting their shoegaze indie-pop craft and meticulously gathering underground acclaim, since late 2002. [They are also one of the founding bands of the Emergency Umbrella Collective.] Originally, the project started out as a platform for songwriter Billy Schuh to present his musical exploits with a revolving cast of characters, known simply as The Foundry. [Hence the original Billy Schuh and the Foundry ... moniker.]

Surprisingly, up until college Billy had never picked up a guitar or sung before, and his musings on the Cold War, lost love, robots, and isolation were reserved only for his private notebooks. Percussionist Benjamin Hook of the band Firefly Alliance became the first permanent member of the group in 2003, with original Kingdom Flying Club members, Becky Baxter and Daniel Stegall following soon after. Late that same year the group released their self-recorded debut, >Fathers As Robots EP, and supported it throughout 2004, DIY Touring and playing local opening spots for the likes of Super Furry Animals, Dressy Bessy and Spoon.

As it became obvious that the group was evolving into a true collaboration between all members, in 2005 they took on a new name, The Foundry Field Recordings. The band celebrated it with the release of the Battle Brigades 7" and another tour, which lead to the recording of, The Foundry Field Recordings Live at Schubas digital album for emusic. After three full years of painstakingly collecting binaural recordings, conducting visceral field experiments, and many late nights in the studio ... all this hard work finally brought to fruition the amazing concept album, Prompts/Miscues in 2006.

This lead to three different DIY national tours, (The Foundry played over 200 self-booked shows to date.), an in-studio at the awesome WOXY.COM and a featured spot on a KEXP - Music That Matters Podcast hosted by John Richards. [As well as an official showcase and 3 different day parties for The Tripwire, WOXY, and Brooklyn Vegan at the 2006 CMJ Music Marathon.] The band also had a strong presence at 2007's SXSW Music Festival, playing live on XMU, recording for a recent feature on, and playing at the IODA opening day party.

Most recently FFR put out the limited edition Fallout Stations EP, an extension to Prompts/Miscues, released in June 2007. The band then signed with The Nicodemus Agency for booking and went out all summer on another full US tour to support the new EP.

The Foundry Field Recordings are currently in the studio working on their sophomore full-length, which they hope to release Spring 2008.