The Foundry Field Recordings

The Foundry Field Recordings


Hailing from the Midwestern college town of Columbia, Missouri, The Foundry Field Recordings have been perfecting their shoe gaze indie-pop craft and meticulously gathering underground acclaim, since late 2002. They are also one of the founding bands of the Emergency Umbrella Collective.


After five different DIY national tours, an in-studio at the awesome WOXY.COM and a featured spot on a KEXP - Music That Matters Podcast hosted by John Richards. [As well as a showcase and 3 different day parties for The Tripwire, WOXY, and Brooklyn Vegan at the 2006 CMJ Music Marathon.] The band also had a strong presence at 2007's SXSW Music Festival, playing live on XMU, recording for a recent feature on and again playing at a few more industry day parties.


Fathers as Robots EP
Battle Brigades 7"
Prompts / Miscues LP
Fallout Stations EP

Set List

Battle Brigades I
Battle Brigades II
On Wings of Gold and Bone
Quiet Failures
Buried beneath the Winter Frames
Holding the Pilots / Holding the Facts
Of Crushing Harbors
Tougher Skin
Warning Raids over Kiev
Ink and Knees
Transistor Kids