The Fountain

The Fountain

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romantically conscious and uplifting music that is an original and unique blend of reggae, hip hop and soul.


The Fountain flows from the soul. The main goal of the Fountain is to awaken the most dormant of the elements that make music special, namely love and/or spirituality. The Fountain is Love. They are currently working on their latest project which will highlight their hip hop and soul influences. Their latest release entitled "Not A Day Goes By" represents a wonderful debut for newcomer Sharelle, whose soultry voice brings added energy and youth to the Fountain and who will be featured extensively on future Fountain tunes. The band is excited about the direction in which the Fountain continues to flow.


Remember Love

Written By: Robert Roache

When your burdens are too much for you, when you just dont have a clue what to do, remember love, remember love, love will see you through
When life seems to treat you unfair, when people act like they don't even care, remember love, remember love , love will see you through

verse 1
Through the fire , through the rain
through your trials , through your pain
through desire through been vain,
love pulls you higher, makes you new again

repeat chorus

verse 2
fear not, when love is with you
fear not, devil can't get you
fear not, when the truth hits you you will know you've just been hit by love
fear not, nothing can harm you
fear not, let nothing alarm you
fear not , how long must i warn you
there is nothing to feared cause there's just love

repeat chorus

verse 3
i know, the road is not easy, i know
i know, your load is quite heavy, i know
i know you think you're not worthy
but i know god is endless love and mercy, i know i know i know


"love grows on trees " 2000
"can't stop the fountain " 2002
"good principle, that's what's up" 2004
"sonchild, i'm a believer" 2006
"the fountain brothers" 2006

Set List

1. Impossible
2. Not A Day Goes By
3. Horrible Lies

20 minutes