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"Next 1000... The FountNHead"

Another band comin' out of the Outkast area, these Atlanta, Georgia fellows (and girl) are rippin' shit up down south. Their MySpace claims they sound like "butterflies and 38s," as their logo appears. They have somewhat of a rock and roll feel to their beats, but they cruise them over with a vocalist style; mainly rapping. This contrast makes for a fun club jam; somethin' to shake your ass to. These good lookin' people will go places, so look out for 'em. - URB Magazine


The Usual Disappointment - coming soon...



The Atlanta music scene has long served as a platform for musical innovation and has helped define popular culture in recent years. The cycle of true creativity in the world of Southern hip-hop, which was initiated in the early 1990s with the eclectic musical offerings of Organized Noize and the Dungeon Family, has evolved into a more simplistic yield over the past few years. Out of the uniformity and simplicity of the South’s current musical offerings, a burgeoning movement is developing in the ATL. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, a vivid extension to our culture is being born out of the homogenous landscape that marks the past era. The FountNHead is at the forefront of this movement, pushing the limits of musical creativity and reawakening the musicality and nuclear elements of the discipline of expanded hip-hop.

Upon first encounter, The FountNHead conveys a strong statement from both a sonic and visual perspective. Calling to mind the creativity, absurdity and colorful nature of the British/Euro hip-hop and electro-pop movement, The FountNHead incorporates innovative musical and stylistic elements to create an avante-guard package with global appeal. The group fluidly fuses musical genres to create a new sound that parallels the fervor of the revolutionary endeavor achieved when Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith in the 1980s for “Walk This Way”. Building upon a diverse range of musical influences such as System of A Down, The Beatles, Linkin Park, 36Mafia and Nirvana, the group integrates a palate of sound elements that gives a glimpse into the future of music on a global scale.

The FountNHead is comprised of Jewels, Saint and A.M. Intimidating with her combination of beauty and cynicism, Jewels consistently unleashes a barrage of visionary lyrics and wit. Saint serves as a lyricist and producer and is marked by his range of word selection and futuristic flow. A.M., the melodious lead for the group, transitions from classical to contemporary vocalization with ease and serves as a producer as well. The group came together during their days at Georgia Southern University and formed a tight bond based upon their common quest for self-actualization and thirst for knowledge. The three self-taught and self-disciplined members write and produce all of their music and incorporate a wide range of musical influences to create a visionary sound. Combining elements of rock, electronica and themes from literature, history and their life experiences, they have cultivated a sound and content that is truly unique. The strong personalities of each group member are reflected in the alter-egos that they have developed through a series of animated characters that will be incorporated into their album and all future projects.

Serving as the inspiration for the group’s name, The Fountainhead is an early 20th century novel that explores concepts of conformity versus creativity in the context of architectural discipline. As a recurring theme, the group incorporates elements of a grammatical concept, the oxymoron, as they harmoniously combine elements that would traditionally be considered conflicting or opposite. To symbolize the nature of the principles that they represent, the group developed a logo concept that reflects the conflicting nature of man, society and nature. The butterfly with two guns represents the stark contrast between the base natural elements and the coldly impersonal, manufactured components. The power of the group name, the visual symbols that they use to represent their imaging and the colorful presentation that they project as individuals fuse together to create a multi-faceted brand that holds true to their principles.

The FountNHead is currently working on a collection of musical compositions that they have titled “The Usual Disappointment” and which chronicles the stages of self-awareness that the group has encountered over the course of their journey. The up-tempo and rock-infused beat of “As A Skunk” bangs the listener in the head from the first second/thump and the infectious melodies leave an indelible imprint in the mind. As with many of their songs, they master the use of catchy hooks and beats to provide a palatable canvas for the depth of their lyrical content. They incorporate the nightlife catchphrase “the roof is on fire…” in the hook for “Up”, expanding upon the words to give a higher meaning to the phrase. “Change” uses satire to grasp the materialistic trend in modern music while at the same time expressing the group’s political sentiment amidst the landscape of recession.

The ability to sit at the helm of a musical movement is a tremendous undertaking. The FountNHead readily accepts the challenge and looks to the future with voracity.

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