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"Words & Stories Review"

Four-piece rock act The Fourth and King may technically hail from San Francisco, but they have close New Zealand ties. Frontman Jarrod Lovell is a Kiwi, forming the band after relocating to the US. This six-song EP is their first output as a group, and it is a strong opening gambit.

The Fourth and King follow the time-honoured technique of opening with your best shot (why risk people tuning out by having a weaker song first up?) and "This Sudden Feeling" is the finest track on display. Dynamic and pulsing, yet completely accessible, it is a great way to kick things off. For a new band (they were formed barely a few months before the recording of this EP), the sound is remarkably assured.

Other highlights include the plaintive yet urgent, "On Your Side" and the jangly, upbeat "Running in Circles". Overall, the modern rock sound here is reminiscent of acts such as Jimmy Eat World. There is a tendency for the tracks to drift a little, with a good portion of the tracklist slipping into the over-familiar somewhat. A bit more edginess or individuality would be welcome to separate the band from the rest of the pack, but of course, it is early days and The Fourth and King have plenty of time to develop their particular sound as they grow as a band.

On the technical side, the playing and vocals are all excellent. Production quality is also rock-solid and the overall feel is of a very professional, international-calibre package.

A polished, confident first outing, Words & Stories is the EP of an accomplished band with all the tools they need to make great music. It may not be there yet, but all the signs are positive. Roll on the next release. - Punk As


Word & Stories (EP), 2012



Fresh from completing their debut release EP, Words & Stories, The Fourth and King are out of the studio and are quickly making an impact on the San Francisco rock community. Packed with melodic layers and vocal hooks, the self-produced EP explores the gamut from hard-hitting rock to lighter, layered tracks. Formed in May of 2012 and boasting a history loaded with US and international touring experience, The Fourth and King are poised to make a lasting impression on the Bay Area music scene.

Tracing their bones back to Wellington, New Zealand, it was here where Singer/Songwriter and TFAK frontman Jarrod Lovell first started developing the project in 2010. Upon making the move to the US, Jarrod took his ideas and ambition to San Francisco, eventually linking up with longtime frontman and bass player, Bart Whitehead. With a stand-in drummer the band started to pen what would be the beginnings of Words & Stories.

Originally intended as a trio, a piece of the puzzle was still missing. Rounding out the band, guitar player Patrick Pfeiffer was brought in, a recent transplant from the LA music scene. Fueled by their newly discovered edge on modern rock, and a bottomless quiver of material, TFAK set out to find a full-time drummer and the right producer to bolster their continued progress and pull it all together. They found both in Andrew Tavis, and enlisted his talents to engineer the new record. Putting their collective experience and skills to work, The Fourth and King are excited to announce the release of their debut EP, which can now be heard as Words & Stories.