The Foxtrots

The Foxtrots

 Laurel, Maryland, USA

We are a band of best friends who eat pizza and play old school video games. we spend too much time online or watching tv. we werent losers in highschool and we werent popular either. we are quite aware we are unattractive and we dont care. we have no sense of fashion and we enjoy tom hanks movies. we like puppies. we sound the best at parties when we play for our best friends. we will continue to be hated by old friends. we will continue to be hated by exes. and we wont stop until we are tired


As Stated by Alec Pugliese: "OK, let’s pretend like I do not know any of these fine gentlemen at all. Ight with that done we can now start the review.... These guys are complete fags. And I would only recommend their music to people who I know have metal disabilities. Their sound matches Green Day, wait let me rephrase that. “Their sound IS Green Day. It’s like they gave a CD to the sound guy and told him to play it over a PA while they moved their hands up and down and jump around like a bunch of indie rock assholes. But with all of this aside, their music is…”fresh” and “unexpected”. I know you’re thinking “fresh? Da Fuck? Great now I know they’re a gay emo band. They probably will end up on MTV one day because they have a fresh new sound and I can see little pre-teen girls saying “hey I liked them first!”” But that’s not what I’m saying at all. The music is “fresh” because it’s not like the shitty bands that are on the local scene at this time. And to me they have made a new genre of punk. It’s not hardcore enough to be “punk” but it’s too fast and not gay enough to be “pop punk”. As I said it’s a new genre, that I can only describe as “Geek Punk” and you would understand if you have actually met the band, that’s where the unexpected comes into play. Let’s start with Sebastian. This Chilean jumping bean has the most energy in the band “besides Vinnie but I will get to that.” I’m talking showmanship, he jumps, he sings, he falls, and he dances around the stage like an idiot. But this is only part of the awkwardness that the band puts off. So let’s put a picture together, now we have a Mexican Jew with a Jew fro to match and some gay button down shirt and pants rolled up into some fag looking pirate manpries, just jumping around like an idiot. Now we have Kris. He’s Asian. Nuff said. You can’t get any more awkward then having an Asian in the band. Kris stands there, and he does it well, he will explode when he gets into it, doing failed synchronized jumps every once in a while and nodding his head every now and then. Let’s picture Jesse, this kid is more awkward then the Asian he literally tries to make situations awkward. He performs body movements with his hips that I haven’t seen since 40 year old women on acid at a Phil Collins concert, you just have to see it to understand. And finally Vinnie, this is where the punk comes in, and as I said he has some damn energy, he plays the drums fast and wild, only thing I can say about him is “Shits nucking futs” This is the guy that you will see sporting a mohawk at times and you will think to yourself “wow, now that’s punk rock, not.” So yeah, with all of this in mind that is where the unexpected comes from, this mix of kids that look like they just came from a comic book club/math festival/green day concert/crack house, play some really fast and energetic music that will surprise you. For me The Foxtrots are the whole package. when you see them live you will find that it’s not just a concert, it’s a Lady GaGa dance party with shitty standup comedy thrown in between songs performed by awkward kids. And in the end it just music played by a bunch of douche bags.

P.S.: When “gay” or “fag” was used at any point in this interview it was not meant to insult homosexuals. I love gay people, I love them real hard. "


Lame Not Love

Written By: Sebastian Pinto

I saw a girl the other day i looked straight into her eyes
and in my stomach for the first time i felt flutterbys
i couldnt stop thinking about her, am i wasting my time
still i wish she could be mine

why wont she look at me
she haunts me in my dreams
everytime i close my eyes there she is

next time i saw her, it must have been a million years
maybe not that long but i can tell they werent full of cheer
the smell in the air had a different taste
and when i looked close there was an arm around her waist

why does this make me sad
why does she drive me mad
why do i hate him so bad

anyway as i was saying its not a big deal
i dunno if what i felt was even real
i guess my heart will always just leave
but let me tell you something you just wont believe

it all just made it worse
he came to me after my show
straight and said "you guys fuckin rocked"


You Can't Be Sad With A Mustache. EP
1. Lame Not Love
2. The Antagonist
3. Can You Believe
4. Emotional Hypochondriac
5. Right Back To Nothing
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Set List

Remember Not To Forget (original)
8 Days Week (cover)
Lame Not Love (original)
Violins Of Violence (original)
Can You Believe (original)
You're The One That I Want (cover)
The Antagonist (original)
Can You Believe (original)
Live Life (original)
Right Back To Nothing (original)