The Foxymorons

The Foxymorons

 Mesquite, Texas, USA

The Foxymorons are a long-distance indie rock duo that have recorded four full-length albums of guitar pop garnering comparisons to bands like Pavement and Big Star. The band has received positive press from outlets such as Pitchfork and PASTE and regular airplay on stations including KEXP and KCRW.


The Foxymorons are a long-distance duo of childhood friends from Mesquite, Texas that have garnered comparisons to Pavement and Teenage Fanclub. The band's story begins in the sun-baked suburb of Mesquite, Texas in 1994 when Jerry James and David Dewese stumbled on an abandoned drumkit in a church Sunday School classroom while home on college holiday. As a result, a surreptitious recording entity was born. The band started as a scrappy lo-fi duo, self-releasing a 7" single in 1998 before signing w/ Berkeley, California's American Pop Project label to record its lo-fi and scattershot debut LP, Calcutta. After a handful of ramshackle live shows, the band released a record of slightly skewed, lo-fi pop-rock called Rodeo City in 2001. (The title was a reference to the influential 1970's band Big Star as well as a nod to the prominent rodeo in the band's hometown.) After a four-year break, the band released Hesitation Eyes, the band's highest-profile record yet. The album's songs were played on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, featured on television shows, and received positive press from outlets such as Pitchfork, PASTE, and Harp. The band was also featured as SPIN Magazine's Band of the Day. The Foxymorons' new record, Bible Stories was released in August 2010. The influential Seattle radio station KEXP included the band's first single "Out of Control" on its wildly popular "Song of the Day" podcast.


Four full-length albums and one EP as follows:

- Bible Stories LP / 2010 / Foxyphoton Records
- Hesitation Eyes LP / 2005 / Heatstroke Records
- Rodeo City LP / 2001 / American Pop Project
- Calcutta LP / 1999 / American Pop Project
- Silver Leaves 7" EP / 1998 / Foxyphoton Records

Radio Airplay on Influential NPR-Affiliated National Stations:
"Out of Control": KEXP's "Song of the Day" Podcast.
"Harvard Hands": Featured on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic program.
"Skinny Cow Blues" Regularly featured on Dallas' NPR-affiliate KXT.
"This Heart of MIne" Featured on ABC Television Show "Men In Trees"