The Foxy Wolves

The Foxy Wolves


The Foxy Wolves have taken influences from many different bands and genres. They are an indie rock band with 5 guys who just like to play music. They incorporate many different instruments in their songs to provide a fresh sound unlike any other.


The Foxy Wolves were formed in March of 2006 with 5 members including friend and former band-mate Sarah Churney. She has since moved on from the band and has been replaced by the younger brother of lead guitarist Caleb Langille. Although still a new band, The Foxy Wolves have played many shows around metro with the likes of Magneta Lane, Tokyo Police Club and Retrograde. Their sophomore album, Lets Copulate, will be released in September of 2006 featuring songs like Welcome Mats, The Oldest Gun and The Same Direction. If you would like any info on The Foxy Wolves you can check them out here or @


The Foxy Wolves first album will be released in September 2006. It will be a 12 song album titled "Lets Copulate" with the best Foxy Wolves tracks to date.

Set List

Our sets can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Our set varys for each show we play but it usually consists of:
-Welcome Mats
-Don't Panic
-Seducing The Concierge
-That's Not The Way It Is
-Underground Focus Groups
-Our Ideas
-Bertrand Russlle
-Better Soldiers
-The Oldest Gun