The Foyer

The Foyer

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA




All songs have been written by Jim  Williford (aka pen name: Geem BMI, Williford James Scott BMI).

Williford has participated in music contests:

2007 Unisong International Song Writing Contest: Honorable Mention for le got de l' amour

2006 United Kingdom Songwriting Contest: FINALIST for Anticipatory Momentum (under instrumental section)

Selected to perform at:

Second Annual Music Business Conference (MBC),Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort,Uncasville, Connecticut,June, 2005

Music In The Park, Lewisville NC, Jul 26, 2005

Mid-Atlantic Music Conference, Charlotte NC, October, 2005

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A Train, A Tussle

Written By: lyrics and music: Geem (BMI),© 2004 Geem, © 2004 Geem

A trace of orange; a receding light
Over cold brown fields in the coming night
A soothing glow, the draw of the flame
With the mountains etched; a numinous aim

But the winter wind cuts my skin
As the clouds of doubt come rollin’ in

My chin back up, my eyes have spied
A silver engine in the station light;
A keen steel vet of many a route,
A rovin’ bulwark, without a doubt

But my muscles ache, my feet sting so
As my shoes fill up with the clingin’ snow

The station is vacant as I bust through the door
Slams echo off the concrete floor
My shoes are slippin’ as I turn to the teller
Wet snow flyin’, I scare the old feller

Then others knock, he invites them in,
My strife and greed they surge within

The polite old sage tells a simple story:
No one boards the train in all her glory
If we leave behind just one poor soul
In our anxious quest for the luminous goal

I scan the room and my mood resonates
With the hopeless faces of this frigid state


A spark of hope starts to infuse
As one of the children breaks the muse
Her only few coins, she lays them down,
On the counter, for the teller
To curb his frown

But wrinkled faces with skeptic glare
Are a cozy match for the icy air

A brainstorm swells; a sudden heat;
The children within us with faithful feet
Doors swing often as the villagers give
Their only stock that has let them live

But doubts ring on off the walls;
Conventional fear in the station halls

A tussle in the crowd in the empty street
As we scamper across with the clutter of feet
Crammed through the door of an eager train
Posed on course in the murky rain

The boxcar lurches and once more,
A squeeze imposed with the air of discord

The sterling vessel cuts through the night
Armadillos catch a shaking fright
A race toward the summit and the fading light
The golden layer stays in sight

But colleagues quip, “Is this ship lame?”
“Will it catch the abating flame?”

Queries in the gang get some answers
Stirring slowly like reluctant dancers
Feeling the ship indeed move faster
Fueled by the light; a faithful caster

But shadows still lurk inside
We’re silhouettes against the blazing tide

The lustrous nose of her loyal craft
Ignited now, spraying light rays aft
Illumined corridors, windows, aisles
Even our freight car warms with new empathic smiles


I’m thinkin’ beyond those mountains, beyond all the sea
I’m thinkin’ of all the tribes, in a struggle to be free
Like me, they ask the questions, and I’m thinkin’ of all who doubt
Thinkin’ of all who wrestle, hopin’ no one is left out


Written By: lyrics and music: Geem (BMI),© 2004 Geem, © 2004 Geem

concept discussion:

The mammals at the time
and habitat of T-Rex
are estimated to have been marsupials about the
size of a badger.


Verse 1:

Silver rays on a moonlit night
Pierce the trees, they provide my sight
Silhouettes in the clear; nestled domes left alone
Rich in yolk, they’ll become my own

I suck in cool air, I can smell the nest
Anxious gasps are rapid, there’s a pounding in my chest
There’s a rumbling in my feet, more than a heart pounds
The big lizard comes, 5 tons shake the ground

Chorus 1:

I fear our members in the hunt of outer kin
Will betray the food of truth and ignore the threat within

Verse 2:

With a sweep of the tail, I’m an airborn hairy ball
Now I’m hidden in a thicket, cushioned from the fall
The lizard tyrant shrieks as she wheels to and fro
In her mouth’s massive gape, the serrated teeth glow

I’ll sneak away this time with my little furry legs
Knowing friends have stuffed their pouches with the other nests’ eggs
Advanced hairy heads with empathy and wit
We share and work together, scaly giants have a fit

Chorus 2:

I fear our members in the hunt of outer kin
Will betray the food of truth and ignore the threat within

Verse 3:

Successive days’ light reveals fewer shingled beasts
Our family’s fuzzy numbers are on the increase
Out in the bright gold mountain land, feel the cool breeze
The thoughts of massive lizards now fade with an ease

But the eggs also fade, our pouches are so light
How fast the treasures go, the feasts fueled by fright
We scramble for new food, storms break us off in tribes
Friends become the other camp; sharing ties have died

Chorus 3:

I fear our children in the hunt of outer kin
Will betray the food of truth and ignore the threat within

Verse 4:

Several moons pass and the mind’s eye churns
Without the warmth of contact, the fantasies burn
“You’re the source of our hunger, you don’t fit our measure stick”
We spy your furry heads and give a cold-blooded kick

But you’re just as smart and swift; a community in stealth
The days of massive lizards were a relative wealth
But the lizards live on under hairy nippled skin
Our feeling cunning grey can’t hide the snake within

Chorus 4:

I fear our descendents in the hunt of outer kin
Will betray the food of truth and ignore the threat within

Sun Jig

Written By: lyrics and music: Geem (BMI),© 2004 Geem, © 2004 Geem

Up over the bright green knoll & down to the water's edge to see some kin
I spied a young fair maiden there on the sandy bank with a little canine friend
Gorgeous red wavy locks, I loose my footing and wet my socks
Blowin' the water off my rig, the setter and I do a shaking jig

Catch the breath of a cool spring day... mist of lilies & bales of hay
Nary a cloud in the bright clean blue......
Sky is swallowed by her blue eye coup
Stunning advance of the sapphire globes
Draped all about with Irish robes
My noggin is lighter than the whispering breeze
I'm down in the brook back on my knees

My eyes back up, I spot the hair but this time that of a radiant mare

I hop on her back and ride with the wind
And the waving grass and the rush within me
Bounding down to the valley below over big bad stones and we rock and roll
The ocean's call within my reach, expanse of blue and a pearly white beach
The mare and I mesmerized, trippin' on a birm, flung capsized

Rolling down to a thud on the shore, wakin’ in the sun, lookin' for more reverie
Shades of red and blue in a blur sharpen up with a brush of fur--- her

Up over the bright green knoll & down to the oceans edge to see some kin

Let It Go

Written By: lyrics and music: Geem (BMI),© 2005 Geem, © 2005 Geem

lyrics and music: Geem (BMI), © 2005 Geem

Verse 1:
Time with you flies
The leaves have fallen twice
How you touch my soul
How you melt the ice

I’ve come alive
Like I could be who I am
But there’s a fork in the road
My mind’s a traffic jam

Of fears blocking hope
I want more signs
To commit my future
Lay it all on the line

It’s been so good
I want a guarantee
I’m on a quest for control
And it’s killin’ me


Verse 2:
My road has been full of the blushed faces
Of the knots in my stomach, of the tears and places
Where I stuck out my neck and got the gillatene treatment,
Went into freefall, Can you feel my statement?

Of doubts in my self and do I really want to own
You and the future, like puppets on loan?
That’s the thing about the way of vice
The thrill is temporal, then it’s back to the ice


Now it’s getting’ deep through mud on one leg
And the strut of my logic’s an exhausting peg
And the sides are steep, with more to risk
If I stay one foot, it’s down the abyss

But there’s this other bud that grows along side
It could take the point; a potential new tide
For a step of faith no longer mulling
While tangles in the shadows strongly pulling

Go, got to let it go
Go, got to let it go
Go, got to let it grow
Grow, got to let it go

le goût de l' amour (The Taste of Love)

Written By: James Williford

You wouldn't know the sun was down
This foyer's the warmest place in town
With mellow dancin' in the flow
As silhouettes turn orange under candle glow

My lady's smile invades my soul
Her words wipe away a workweek's toll
My hand is softly warmed in hers
As I follow her shapely curves on to the dance floor


Gliding in and out of the shadows
As panes of glass reveal the street lamps' glow
This dream reflected in her eyes
The rhythm echoed in the waves of snow


The heat of embrace as we draw near
le goût de la soirée à venir
(The taste of the evening to come)
A moment lifted out of time
As the colors of her emerge; a fruit sublime


le goût de l' amour


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