The Frail Division

The Frail Division


The Frail Divsion hailing from Little Rock Arkansas has created a hybrid sound between metal and mainstream.


The Frail Division was born in 2002 when longtime friends Ben Ghormley, Preston Palmer, and Justin King came together to make melodic, heavy music with introspective lyrics that really meant something to the people singing them. The original name of the band was Singleminded, and the three released an EP and played shows around Little Rock, Arkansas for a year without a permanent bassist. In 2003, the band found a bassist with a shared musical vision in Matt Kennett. With the lineup solidified, Singleminded headed into the studio to record its first LP, Dysphoria. The next year was a blur for the band as they played more than 80 shows in dozens of markets (including Asia), a South by Southwest Showcase, and recorded a self-titled EP. The hard work paid off as the band started seeing bigger and bigger crowds, especially at Little Rock's legendary Juanita's, where the band holds the record for most sold-out shows by a local band as well as the record for the most tickets sold by a local band in one night (498). By 2005, the band members were tired of the name Singleminded, so they decided the moment was right to change it. After months of deliberation, they came up with The Frail Division, which represents the band's belief that humanity is a division of life that is frail and beautiful, and that we all need each other. In 2005, the Frail Division released the LP This is no Fairy Tale. Shortly after the name change, the band suffered a great loss when Justin decided that he needed to step down from the band. In early 2006, he was replaced by Logan Kennedy and guitarist Brandon Toney was added to the line up to help fill out the band's sound. The band is inspired by artists like the Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Pearl Jam, and Tori Amos to create catchy songs that are relevant to the lives of the members and the people around them. The Frail Division has played with bands such as Chevelle, Seether, Shinedown, The Exies, Blue October, 10 Years, Future Leaders of the World, VAST, Crossfade, and many more. The single 'Sara' has been in steady rotation at Little Rock's KDJE 100.3 for around 6 months. The boys have been working hard for almost 4 years and are poised to make a move that will allow them to write songs and play them live for a long, long time.


This is no fairy tale- 2005