The Framework

The Framework

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

THE FRAMEWORK is one of the hottest bands out of Toronto, playing catchy, synth-rock epics to packed clubs. The band's debut album made top 10 charts for sales and radioplay in Toronto, and the video for Always Left Behind reached #3 on the MuchMoreMusic countdown. Just signed to Last Gang (distro)


Some bands are born of a master plan, while others are formed on a whim, discovering a common sonic sensibility in the early stages of their musical journey. Toronto-based rock band The Framework followed that latter path when they joined forces in late 2006 to produce what became their trademark, new wave-inspired sound.

Barely three months after uniting with only a few songs to their credit and nary a live performance the band entered its now-signature track She Thinks Im Famous in the Mix 99.9 2007 RadioStar Songwriting Contest. The song would earn runner-up honours and helped build momentum for a debut performance at Toronto indie-rock institution The Rivoli in July, 2007 and the release of their first self-titled EP.

By the time they finally brought their post-modern sound to the stage, The Framework had worked tirelessly to carve a niche in the online realm and quickly built a strong following. As proof, denizens of the Toronto indie music scene paid the newcomers respect by singing back the lyrics to their songs, never missing a beat, and reaffirming the lasting impression the band had already made through exposure on social media networks such as MySpace. The Framework returned the favour by delivering an on-stage exuberance that has come to define their live performances; shows are peppered with elements of the glam eras freewheeling lasciviousness, but anchored by the tight sound of a five-some at the top of its game. National media attention soon followed with major features in Metro Toronto newspaper and InsideE magazine introducing the group to a wider audience.

Since those early days, The Framework has carved a niche as one of Canadas most sought-after indie acts, as well as gaining a substantial international following thanks to continuing targeted Internet exposure. Sold-out gigs at Toronto landmarks such as The Horseshoe Tavern, opening for DJ Champion in Ottawa, as well as a stint at New Yorks legendary Arlenes Grocery, have all helped reinforce the bands powerhouse live reputation. Following this, The Framework continued to build their international following by enlisting critically acclaimed international DJ's such as Crookram of the RAC (Bloc Party/Tegan and Sara) and Camp America (Athlete/Caves) to contribute remixes for their digital remix EP released in February 2008, titled THE FRAMEWORK: REWORKED.

Playing off of this international exposure, The Framework were invited to perform prime spots at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, and the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto, as well as to a packed house at the Canal Room in New York City. The Framework were honoured as being one of 5 top bands at North By Northeast Festival 2008 (InsideE Magazine) and also placed 3rd in the Virgin Festival Road to V contest selected by fans and music industry judges including Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin).

Next, the band will release its full-length debut Before Tonight (FW/Last Gang Labels). The album will feature 11 tracks, including the hot new songs We Are The Trend and Video, as well as revamped and reworked versions of songs from their EP, including 'Turn Off The World' and 'Wasted'. The first single from the album titled 'Always Left Behind,' is a rousing anthem that encapsulates the essence of The Framework's sound, and has been described by critics as Striking a nonchalant medium between happy pop and stadium rock (InsideE Magazine). The band plans to maintain the musical balance that informed its spontaneous beginnings while finding new ways to grow and satisfy its ever growing fan base.

"The best new band I've seen in I don't know how many years. Born to conquer."
- Emm Gryner - Singer/Songwriter and President of Dead Daisy Records

"The best band in Toronto! Contractors are coming in tonight to put the roof back on...brilliant !"
-Bobbi Guy - The Mod Club on The Framework's February 2008 performance at the Mod Club (Toronto)

"I fell in love with the framework. Their music reminds me of partying with best friends. It's catchy in the right ways and it doesn't leave my head. And not that it matters but they're also super hot."
- Lauren Toyota, TV Host/Producer Muchmusic Going Costal!

"Both on and off stage, its easy to feed off the enthusiasm of this band . They are true performers, each show packs a punch - definitely a group of kids to keep your eye on."
- Jacqueline Kendall, Publicist for Global Television


Before Tonight to be released on Last Gang Labels, Aug. 4, 2009
Remix CD released February 2008 on
Self-titled EP released July 2007.

Set List

Always Left Behind
We Are the Trend
She Think's I'm Famous
Turn Off the World
Into the Sun
No More Normal Weather
Just Like Heaven