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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | MAJOR
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Dec. 12, 2007

Ryan Kash seems pleasantly exasperated as he explains the conceptual origins of The Framework, Toronto’s latest indie darling.

The lead singer — flanked by two of the band’s five members, synthesizer player Rayanne Lepieszo and his writing partner, guitarist-vocalist Chris Graham — explains how he created a MySpace page ( last November for a group that at that point had no members and no music.

As a lark, Kash added Graham’s name as guitarist and Lepieszo on synths to the page with a rhythm section to be decided. The hits started mounting, as did the requests for information on The Framework’s first gig.

“I said there’s no music on there yet, but I’ve wanted to do this for like two years and … this just kind of fit,” Kash recalls his pitch to Graham. “Technically we didn’t know where it was going to go musically because we hadn’t written anything yet.”

The longtime friends agreed to collaborate and Kash — previously a solo singer-songwriter who had several ill-fated development deals with major labels and a top 30 stint as a contestant on Rock Star: INXS — and Graham, himself an independent singer-songwriter, sat down and hammered out their first song, the new wave-inspired rock track She Thinks I’m Famous.

Lepieszo heard the demo, was floored, and eagerly signed on, with bassist Scott Winter and drummer Tobias Smith soon to follow.

From a basic concept, The Framework’s guitar-driven melodic sound and impressionistic lyrics began to take shape while the members made a mutual pledge to use their past industry experience to their advantage.

On a whim before they started playing live, Kash and Graham entered She Thinks I’m Famous in the Mix 99.9 FM Radiostar contest. The song placed third and the band’s MySpace page was flooded with traffic. Even before taking the stage The Framework had a devoted fan base.

But there would be just one Toronto gig per month — the first to a packed house at The Rivoli in July of this year, followed by The Horseshoe and later The Mod Club — a conscious decision to avoid overexposure and ensure well-promoted shows.

As Lepieszo points out, the download-ravaged music industry no longer signs just any band, a point the members of The Framework knew all too well from past disappointments.

“Labels want to see resumes,” she says. “They want to see that you can sell out repeatedly.”

Graham adds: “They want you when you’re already successful so they can just jump on board and take you to the next level.”

A gig at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City next week – where bands such as The Bravery and The Strokes became hipster household names — could be the one that takes the band to new heights.

In the meantime, the relative newcomers continue to court interest from south of the border and revel in the indie success that began with an idea and a webpage. - METRO News

"New CD a Framework for success"

By: Nikki Yeh

July 11, 2007 -

Local indie music fans are probably familiar with the acoustic sounds of Chris Graham and Ryan Kash Isojima. But there’s more to these Mississauga musicians than many of their fans think.

Since last October, the solo musicians have been the creative brains behind The Framework, a new-wave indie band. The Framework will unveil its first EP at a CD release party this Saturday at the Rivoli.

So, what’s so special about The Framework? According to Graham, The Framework’s definitely not the “perfect pop.”

“We’re adding in a lot of our ‘80s influences. We listened to a lot of British music growing up,” adds Isojima, also known in the indie scene as soloist Chisai Jackson.

With Graham and Isojima on guitars and vocals, plus keyboardist Rayanne, bassist Scott Winter and drummer Tobias Smith, The Framework has created a one-of-a-kind blend of pop and rock.

“We’re not crafting (our music) to be a certain style,” says Graham.

Listeners have already been exposed to The Framework. The band has attracted fans from Mexico and the UK through its MySpace page alone. Regular Mix 99.9 radio listeners might already know The Framework’s lively single, She Thinks I’m Famous. Earlier this year, the band entered the single into the Mix 99.9 Radio Star songwriting contest. Out of 1,500-plus entries, The Framework was one of five finalists.

She Thinks I’m Famous can be found on The Framework’s first self-titled EP. Recorded in Graham’s home, the CD includes six original tracks written and produced by Graham and Isojima.

“We’re definitely trying to make music that makes you want to move,” says Isojima.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Each song, including Always Left Behind and Into the Sun, has its own energetic personality that fans of pop, rock and dance will enjoy.

As for Saturday's concert, expect “a really live energy set of catchy songs,” Isojima says.

The gig will be a new experience for fans of Graham and Isojima because of The Framework’s edgy sound.

“To be honest, fans of both of our solo (music) careers haven’t seen us play like this before. Everyone’s really jazzed about it,” says Isojima.

The Framework is also planning a dance re-mix album of its self-titled CD.

“We’re not just a rock band, but also a band to play in dance clubs,” says Isojima. The guys also have plans to record another EP and shoot a music video, and they'll appear at the Horseshoe Tavern and perform on MTV Live.

The Rivoli is located at 334 Queen St. W., in Toronto.

Tickets for this 19-over event cost $10. Doors open at 9 p.m. and The Framework performs at 10:30 p.m.

Check out songs at www.myspace. com/songsintheframework.
- The Mississauga News

"NXNE: Top 5 Fest Finds"

By Emere Schlosser and Eric McBain

#4 - The Framework

They are the most professional unsigned band we’ve ever seen. The quintet had the tough task of playing after two bands, made up of angry musicians yelling, failed to pump up the crowd. When Framework came on stage, people got to their feet and into the music. Even though it was a tiny show, the band performed as if they were playing to a crowd of thousands. Talk about some ridiculously catchy synth-rock! - Inside E Canada

"The Framework Are Picture Perfect"

The Framework are picture perfect
Written by Liem Vu
Date: April 19, 2008

The music scene has taken great strides the past few years with unconventional artists along with unconventional sounds piercing the musical stratosphere. While previously underground, interesting sound textures have been introduced into the mainstream with the predominance of the synthesizer whether it has been with Metric, Justice, DJ Champion, or even Thunderheist. Yet in the midst of all their hype, there are hidden gems that go undiscovered and unheard of by the public. However, with Canadian Music Week, new artists have emerged with great passion and zeal prepared to combat insatiable music listeners. While the Folk-Rock archetype has plagued the common perceptions of Canadian Music, The Framework have broken this to become the Canadian answers to this new trend with their mélange of rock, synth, new-wave, dance rock.

Conceptually formed in August 2006 by lead singer Ryan Kash, the vision for The Framework was anything but merely a concept, but rather a vision that was propelled by guitarist and songwriter, Chris Graham.

“I wanted to create a band that would allow me to get to play rock music again. There’s definitely some British influences that have become more prevalent than when I was a solo artist before, “says Kash.

Prior to The Framework, Kash was another burgeoning indie artist under the alias, Chisai Jackson. With a more acoustic Coldplay/Radiohead-esque vibe, Kash was often shielded behind a microphone and guitar echoing melancholic and cathartic melodies. However, with one glance of photos taken by band photographer Haley Lepieszo, Kash has clearly emerged beyond the confines of the guitar to leading front man of a new wave dance-rock group.

“I hop around a lot. I’m pretty crazy I do quite bit. I pretty much move all the time…our set list is pretty energetic, we’re all energetic. We put on a show and that’s what we believe in as performers…and there’s an energy which is maybe why it’s resonating to people who come out to the show,” explains Kash.

“When we play, we play it like it is our last show and we give it all that we have,” adds Graham.

The stage is no stranger to Graham as he too had previously been a solo artist who gravitated towards the same acoustic/rock genre in the Canadian Scene. In an odd, serendipitous and perhaps moment of foreshadowing, Graham played a concert with Rayanne Lepieszo who would eventually be The Framework’s synthesizer player.

No less enthusiastic and passionate about music Lepieszo grew up in Winnipeg but the cold weather didn’t quell her fire for music as she realized her calling at a young age.

“I was obsessed with music. I was a total nerd All I did after school was write music and read music magazines. I started playing at 14 and that was when I was getting into it. I played piano and guitar…I was really pop oriented inspired by artists like Tori Amos and Michelle Branch. Eventually, I moved to Toronto and I did it for a while. I stopped doing it around 2004 because I wanted to change directions,” Lepieszo reflects.

To complete The Framework family, Tobias Smith later joined as drummer bringing in friend, Scott Winter as bassist.

With humble beginnings and low-key musical tones, the sound of The Framework reflects a much more daring vibe but nevertheless is a fusion of Graham and Kash’s experience in composition.

“There are two ways (to approach writing). Ryan is a good song machine – he writes so many songs. SO we get together and we play through them and things just get going through that. We try different things…there have been songs where I have the melody and Ryan has the chords and then we figure out the lyrics. In the end, it still works out alright so it’s okay. All the work is 50/50 so there is no hierarchy,” says Graham.

A song machine indeed, as Kash talks with great certainty about the creativity synergy found in The Framework.

Clearly an effective partnership, The Framework’s song, She Thinks I’m Famous, was written within the first few months of the band’s inception and recorded within two hours at Chris Graham’s home studio. Eventually entered into the Mix 99.9 Radiostar contest, the song placed third and the online popularity of the band soon grew.

The Framework’s popularity has quickly spawned fans in the U.S., the UK, and Australia so much so that various DJ’s have remixed their songs for their digital release, The Framework Reworked. While they have yet to tour internationally, the Framework recently preformed at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City on the very stage where The Bravery and The Strokes transformed from unknown to known.

Nevertheless, The Framework continues to play monthly gigs in Toronto for the time being but don’t expect their energy to wane anytime soon. With the type of creative synchronicity and compatibility found in The Framework, their formation and rising success was by no means an accident. Sometimes indescribable and indefinable, Kash along with his band members have found their creative niche.

“It was like magic when the five of us got together. It just clicked. You know when something is right.” - Muted Magazine


"I fell in love with the framework. Their music reminds me of partying with best friends. It's catchy in the right ways and it doesn't leave my head. And not that it matters but they're also super hot.”
- Lauren Toyota, TV Host/Producer of “Razer”/CHUM

“Both on and off stage, it’s easy to feed off the enthusiasm of this band . They are true performers, each show packs a punch - definitely a group of kids to keep your eye on.”
- Jacqueline Kendall, Publicist for Global Television

"Catchy hooks, powerful words, and soaring synths, 2007 will be the year of The Framework."
-Jordan Fontaine,

"Pulsing Synth-Rock. If Joel Plaskett wrote songs for The Killers, you'd have The Framework."
- Beau Rivers, Energy 101.5 (Calgary, AB) - The Framework


Before Tonight to be released on Last Gang Labels, Aug. 4, 2009
Remix CD released February 2008 on
Self-titled EP released July 2007.



Some bands are born of a master plan, while others are formed on a whim, discovering a common sonic sensibility in the early stages of their musical journey. Toronto-based rock band The Framework followed that latter path when they joined forces in late 2006 to produce what became their trademark, new wave-inspired sound.

Barely three months after uniting with only a few songs to their credit and nary a live performance the band entered its now-signature track She Thinks Im Famous in the Mix 99.9 2007 RadioStar Songwriting Contest. The song would earn runner-up honours and helped build momentum for a debut performance at Toronto indie-rock institution The Rivoli in July, 2007 and the release of their first self-titled EP.

By the time they finally brought their post-modern sound to the stage, The Framework had worked tirelessly to carve a niche in the online realm and quickly built a strong following. As proof, denizens of the Toronto indie music scene paid the newcomers respect by singing back the lyrics to their songs, never missing a beat, and reaffirming the lasting impression the band had already made through exposure on social media networks such as MySpace. The Framework returned the favour by delivering an on-stage exuberance that has come to define their live performances; shows are peppered with elements of the glam eras freewheeling lasciviousness, but anchored by the tight sound of a five-some at the top of its game. National media attention soon followed with major features in Metro Toronto newspaper and InsideE magazine introducing the group to a wider audience.

Since those early days, The Framework has carved a niche as one of Canadas most sought-after indie acts, as well as gaining a substantial international following thanks to continuing targeted Internet exposure. Sold-out gigs at Toronto landmarks such as The Horseshoe Tavern, opening for DJ Champion in Ottawa, as well as a stint at New Yorks legendary Arlenes Grocery, have all helped reinforce the bands powerhouse live reputation. Following this, The Framework continued to build their international following by enlisting critically acclaimed international DJ's such as Crookram of the RAC (Bloc Party/Tegan and Sara) and Camp America (Athlete/Caves) to contribute remixes for their digital remix EP released in February 2008, titled THE FRAMEWORK: REWORKED.

Playing off of this international exposure, The Framework were invited to perform prime spots at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, and the North by Northeast Festival in Toronto, as well as to a packed house at the Canal Room in New York City. The Framework were honoured as being one of 5 top bands at North By Northeast Festival 2008 (InsideE Magazine) and also placed 3rd in the Virgin Festival Road to V contest selected by fans and music industry judges including Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin).

Next, the band will release its full-length debut Before Tonight (FW/Last Gang Labels). The album will feature 11 tracks, including the hot new songs We Are The Trend and Video, as well as revamped and reworked versions of songs from their EP, including 'Turn Off The World' and 'Wasted'. The first single from the album titled 'Always Left Behind,' is a rousing anthem that encapsulates the essence of The Framework's sound, and has been described by critics as Striking a nonchalant medium between happy pop and stadium rock (InsideE Magazine). The band plans to maintain the musical balance that informed its spontaneous beginnings while finding new ways to grow and satisfy its ever growing fan base.

"The best new band I've seen in I don't know how many years. Born to conquer."
- Emm Gryner - Singer/Songwriter and President of Dead Daisy Records

"The best band in Toronto! Contractors are coming in tonight to put the roof back on...brilliant !"
-Bobbi Guy - The Mod Club on The Framework's February 2008 performance at the Mod Club (Toronto)

"I fell in love with the framework. Their music reminds me of partying with best friends. It's catchy in the right ways and it doesn't leave my head. And not that it matters but they're also super hot."
- Lauren Toyota, TV Host/Producer Muchmusic Going Costal!

"Both on and off stage, its easy to feed off the enthusiasm of this band . They are true performers, each show packs a punch - definitely a group of kids to keep your eye on."
- Jacqueline Kendall, Publicist for Global Television