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The FranDiscos

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band EDM New Age


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"FranDiscos Makin The Dead Dance - December 14, 2010"

This one is Toronto Reppin up the ass! It’s a remix of a song by Toronto’s TAPE DECK BROS. The remix is by THE FRANDISCOS, who are also from Toronto.

Tape Deck Bros – Dance Of The Dead (Frandiscos remix)

It’s half BMore banger and half Bassline wobble-fest. All ghetto goodness! And it’s the first official release from The Frandiscos.

They’re a sibling DJ team That have been throwing down a lot in The Dot over the past year-and-a-bit. They share with me a love for vinyl, aswell as music in gerenral…

“Jona and Andrew pride themselves on their vast musical influences stemming from Nine Inch Nails, to Soulwax, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. And from years of collecting music, the boys tote crates of records with them each time they spin…” (Taken from The Frandiscos Myspace blog).

I’m so loving this jam and hope to hear more from these guys in the near future. If you’re feeling it too, you should hit them up on MYSPACE or SOUNDCLOUD and let them know it.

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the TAPE DECK BROS DANCE OF THE DEAD EP.

Braaaiins. That is all.

- Music Blog Of Gobs

"DB's Best Bets: March 25-31 2010"

BY Denise Benson

The Frandiscos @ Fascination

As one of this city’s longest-running parties devoted to nü disco, electro and its many edgy offshoots, Andrew Allsgood and Mike Tull’s Fascination monthly has both informed local electro party trends and maintained its own separate identity. They’ve begun to host hot local new jacks such as undeadisco affiliates TheFranDiscos, who’re stepping up here. Brothers JonaFranDisco and AndrewFranDisco play regularly around town, bringing their heavily mashed electro bangers to venues including Wrongbar, The Social and Shallow Groove, where they’re the Friday residents. This is party music that goes for the jugular while sporting a huge grin.


"Anticipated Acts/Relieses 2010/2011 Part 2 - December 30 , 2011"

The Brothers: The FranDiscos
Must Hear Track: listen to their live show: Mondays 7-10pm
Photo courtesy of Myspace

Two is better than one, simple. Better even is when two swagger-rich conductors release pockets of gritty disco and audacious funk with full-on electro anthems. Catching them around Toronto is quite simple, just go out. Everyone needs a duo like this to filter the shit boredom breaks with the insertion of a fresh mixer. Andrew and Jonathan FranDisco notably are dubbed as vinyl-authenticators, but aren’t shying from the CDJs.

So for the owners that are strong-bulled in the “no internal” mindset, and the one’s who look for pull, not necessarily the most authenticity, this is a good go-to duo.

But, let’s face it; having such strength in vinyl is a bleeding joy. Hands down.

Having played with the likes of DJ Sega, d.a.v.e. the drummer and soon to share the pool-hall with another LiveMusicTO fav’, DJ Barletta, the hometown boys are party residents all over the city. Possibly you’ve checked their Pop with Brains mainstay at the Rivoli, or heard their bass boom on, or even done a double take at some of the crafty poster art— still working the dance floor is what they do.

Some acts are able to keep the rhythm and presence for a quick minute, others for a mind-shitting set, and some can keep it going hours upon hours, without losing that charging grip. Back in studio for more sexy releases, you can expect to be hearing more of these brothers in 2011.

- livemusicTO

"The FranDiscos Top 10 Tracks Of 2009 - Dec 31, 2009"

Our good Friends Jona and Andrew FranDisco put together a sweet little list of the best tracks released on vinyl, they would know the still carry crates. I hosting a New Years party with these two music aficionado’s on the Decks alongside Paul Revered and Mr. Charlton. They’ve got their own style and flavour, you can taste it in their writing, and since we know you’re hungry, time for you to eat.


We are TheFranDiscos ^__^ brothers, DJs, producers, vinyl collectors and music aficionados…we have spun all around the GTA and started out spinning house parties around Sauga and different Universities and Colleges before getting the chance to DJÂ downtown…we have spun @ Wrongbar, The Social, The Annex Wreckroom, The Boat & Circa… We also spin every Friday night @ Shallow Groove lounge from 10pm til 3am as part of our weekly residency… Always with at least 2 crates of records in tow, 2 tech 1200s in travel cases, 2 shure turntablist needles, a serato box and Andrew FranDisco’s Macbook. We control the dance floor with big bass, grimey beat, .and that all around musical marauding that leaves you sweaty, smiling and satisfied when your told to leave the dance floor because its almost 3am and the “ugly lights”? have been on for about 15mins already ^__^. Here’s our top ten tracks that we grabbed on vinyl in ’09 from Play De Record and/or the internets means of getting records now a days…in NO particular order:

Top Ten Tracks Of 2009 released on VINYL

**for more check review URL** - Salacious Sound

"FranDiscos Recieving Nothing But Love - November 13, 2009"

Posted By: The Monarch

Towards the end of the summer, a Facebook event for The FranDisco’s @ Social Monday Meetings came up. Never having heard of this duo before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. With everyone in Toronto becoming a DJ in the last year I was expecting to see another laptop and hear a bunch of simple filter sweeps etc on the mixer. Much to my surprise, that was not what I was in for. The FranDiscos arrived with crates in hand, a laptop with Serrato just in case the track wasn’t available on vinyl and the ability to rip the dancefloor to pieces with their track selection. Since then, they have become local Toronto favorites garnering compliments from the most critical critics. While the mixtape might be Fuck Tha Haters, the truth its, everyone who loves to hate, hates that they love The FranDiscos.

They’ve been booked at most major hot spots here in the city of Toronto. Currently they reside at Shallow Groove on Friday nights, from what I hear the night has been taking off. They will be taking the stage this Monday at The Social, the spot where there rise to sudden local fame began.

- Salacious Sound

"TheFranDiscos : Fuck Tha Haters Vol.1"


Heavy in your eardrums and pumping in your chest, Andrew and Jonathan FranDisco bring intricate sounds and technical mixes executed properly, to dance floors all across Toronto. With a ‘no-bullshit, only-music’ attitude, the FranDisco brothers are gaining momentum faster then you can two-step.

Having a shared enthusiasm for retaining great music, since discovering their parents’ vinyl record collection as kids, both brothers continue their devout respect and love for the art each time they step up to the turntables. Simply put, spinning records is more then just a trend, for The Frandiscos, it’s a lifetime of heart and soul.

Jon and Andrew pride themselves on their vast musical influences stemming from Nine Inch Nails, to Soulwax, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. And from years of collecting music, the boys tote crates of records with them each time they spin at The Social, Wrongbar, Shallow Groove Lounge or the Annex Wreckroom (to name a few locations).

There is a new mix to get your hands on, and EP in the making. You can expect nothing but greatness from the brotherhood of The FranDiscos. Keep an ear out for what is to follow as this local Toronto talent, apply their craft for hearing sounds within sounds, to their music-knowledge while ‘rinsing it out’ for a crowd that’s eager to dance!

With their Blue Jays baseball caps pulled down low, Andrew and Jon FranDisco are a perfect orchestration of two hearts and four hands exploding onto the scene, one mix at a time.

mixed on vinyl by THE FRANDISCOS

- Night Of The Living Disco

"DB's best bets: Jan 6-12 2011"

Recommend: BY Denise Benson January 05, 2011 17:01

The FranDiscos @ BFF
With DJs Tom Wrecks, EfSharp. Jan 7, Andy Poolhall

As The FranDiscos, DJ/producer brothers Jonathan and Andrew have earned a sizeable following over the past few years. They’ve come up playing a variety of venues, building audiences as residents at nights like Finally Fridays (Shallow Groove), the Pop With Brains bi-monthly showcase at the Rivoli and their super-tight live-to-air netcast heard Mondays 7-10pm on Whether dropping disco, funk, electro, rock or house, the brothers offer a fresh spin through tight technical skills and a great sense of fun and their BFF monthly has quickly become a crowd favourite.

10pm. $5 before midnight, $10 after. 489 College.


"Young Empires remix by TheFranDiscos - Saturday, July 24, 2010"

We've gone Young Empires berserk lately. Two posts in a row about a band that we also wrote about only a couple of days ago?! Yep, that's the reality we live in, if you been starstruck.

This was a great remix of "Rain of Gold" that we got from The Frandiscos, who also are from Toronto as Young Empires, that I had to share with you. It's a remix very true to the original but 3.29 into the track there's something more going on that I really like.



The FranDIscos - Portugal (2012) released on the Only At Night compilation



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