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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
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"The Franklin Electric – This is How I Let You Down album review"

Of all the genres we hear on the radio these days it seems that neo-Americana is quite popular. Employing classic acoustic sound paired with story-like lyrics renders a theme that prevails amongst most contemporary popular music. With that said, it is somewhat difficult to find a group of artists who execute a quality form of such a musical endeavor. Rest assured, with their new release, This is How I Let You Down, The Franklin Electric has supplied a decent pop-folk album for 2013.

This is How I Let You Down marches along with an acoustic guitar element, clean and classic piano keys, uncomplicated drum tracks, floating brass textures, and a smooth voice with equally smooth and well-written words. The best way to describe the mood one feels when listening to the ten-track package from the Canadians, The Franklin Electric, is that it leaves you relaxed and fulfilled. The sound of the album is perpetual and builds up to settle back down again with a seamless and gentle landing. The tracks are neither abrasive nor do they make a listener cringe with angst. Quite appropriately, the smooth timbre of This is How I Let You Down does well to smooth over rough edges. Especially of note when considering the general feeling of This is How I Let You Down is the careful and quiet crooning of lead singer Jon Matte. Matte’s voice is an undoubtedly pleasant force and creates the skeleton of the album.

Moving on, the music of This is How I Let You Down is neither explicitly happy or sad. They ebb and flow between contemplative and semi-morose with tracks such as the title track, “This is How I Let You Down,” while other tracks simply suggest a steady foot tap and a sing-along like the final track, “Old Piano.” The balance between appreciation of regretful happenstances and a persistence to learn and adapt to life’s adversity sets the stage for the new album. To get a feel for this, tune into tracks eight and nine, “I Can’t Change Your Mind” and “Show me the Quiet Air.” Paired together, they paint a decent picture of the overall feeling of The Franklin Electric of 2013. -

"Indie Week Band of the Day: The Franklin Electric"

The Franklin Electric are a folk meets pop, Montreal music collective. Boasting eight members as well as guest contributors, The Franklin Electric captures rootsy and moody acoustic songs flanked by lush horn sections that gives them a vibe similar to artists such as Dan Mangan and Bon Iver. Although having only been around a short time, The Franklin Electric have already begun making waves by recently winning a Nashville songwriting contest for their song “Old Piano” and the release of their debut album This Is How I Let You Down. -

"The Franklin Electric: Music That's Not Letting Anyone Down"

2013 has so far been the year of Canadian bands. From Half Moon Run to Young Galaxy to Royal Canoe, my love for our northern neighbor’s musical contributions to this year’s soundscape has only grown. A perhaps lesser known act hailing from Montreal is The Franklin Electric, who gladly agreed to be interviewed for a feature. They recently released an album in June, I discovered it in August, and then couldn’t stop listening. There is something clean and fresh about the composition that leads one to feel a strong sense of purpose and direction behind the songwriting. The Beirut-like sound from keys and melodic trumpets throughout the album creates a sense of familiarity, and although this is some of the newest music out there, it makes you nostalgic and sentimental. Take a listen to This is How I Let You Down and read up on what lead Jon Matte revealed about the band.

How did The Franklin Electric come about? Who is the band?

About 2 years ago I (Jon) started playing around town in some local pubs trying out some original songs, always calling on my musician friends to sit in on the odd gig until I kinda felt I had a good group of friends -players for the songs. We went from there: Martin Desrosby (bass), J-S Leblanc (guitar), Johnny Griffin (Guitar), Katie Mcnally (back vocals), and Kevin Warren and Mark Wheaton have both been around playing drums, and now [plus] Francis Leduc Belanger (trumpet). And me, Jon, as singer/trumpet/piano and producer of the musics!

[We’ve played] basement demos to small gigs from Montreal to Toronto, but the real magic happened as I wrote the songs from This is How I Let You Down and we all found that we had something unique blending pop with some folk and orchestral vibes - it was ours!

What are your musical influences and what current bands do you listen to?

I enjoy Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain a whole lot these days but I’ll go from Older Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley, to Devotcka! I have a fond place in my heart for good old school hip hop to some jazz into some Sufjan Stevens to Winter Sleep then some Elton John – I’m all over the place.

Who does the songwriting?

Most of the stuff comes from a strong personal feeling of mine or I’ll just hear something, melodies and some words, the story and song basis. I guess mainly from me and then I work with the guys for arrangement stuff and a few extra parts as well. They help make sense of my messy ideas. Once in a while me and one of the guys write something from scratch together which is always fun as and I feel more and more that’s going to happen!

What were some of the strongest influences in the making of this album?

Well I guess there are a lot, but referencing some of the bands mentioned above as well as a strong lyrical themes, such as ‘this is how I let you down,’ around the concept of facing yourself and truly seeking a honesty within your heart and mind allowing your inner demons to exist and not avoiding them as many do daily. It’s inevitable that the voice inside us all haunts us and some may be better at escaping it than me. The voice is loud in my head.

What’s a favorite song to perform live?

I speak for us all when I say “Unsatisfied” is always a satisfying tune to play live, as well as “This is How I Let You Down” and “17.”

Tell me more about the Canadian music scene.

The scene in Canada is pretty cool. We get a lot of support from some radios as they like to support other Canadians that are doing their thing properly, but the industry is so saturated and Montreal being a city where everyone’s an artist of some sort it’s really nice to play out of country. We hope to do a lot in the U.S. - I’m curious about Austin, Texas (hmmm the next mission).

What’s next for the band?

A remix project live in-studio with an small size orchestra remixing “This is How I Let You Down,” “17,” and “Unsatisfied” with a video montage and a live stream where fans can tune in to the recording session and listen in as we perform the songs even hear us stop adjust some things live. It’s something very special for me to have the orchestral side of things and feature the brass! More touring in Quebec and Canada …and also another video in the works.

We are overwhelmed and humbled by the natural evolution and support of this debut album, and a huge thanks to people like yourself who help spread the word. - The Aural Premonition 10/17/2013

"Album Reviews: The Franklin Electric"

THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC - This Is How I Let You Down (June 2013)

Folk / Pop / Brass

The Franklin Electric recently won a songwriting competition for their wonderful tune “Old Piano”. Their debut album, This Is How I Let You Down is undeniable proof of their talent and musical mastery. This debut album, recorded live off the floor, is solid and moving, echoing some Coldplay but with a warmer orchestral sound.

Since the band has strong musical background and education, they can easily re-arrange their songs and play them in various ways live as well as improvise. Jon Matte, the frontman, has worked with groups like Patrick Watson, Bad News Brown, and Jaffa. Fans of Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few and The Wooden Sky will most likely find something to like with The Franklin Electric.

Our favourites are “Unsatisfied” and “Watching From A Rooftop.” Recommended for humming while riding your bicycle and thinking about important things in the sun on a blanket.


SEE THEM: Launch this album at the Montreal Folk Fest On The Canal on Sunday, June 16 at 3 p.m. ilot Charlevoix, free.

Corina Rose - Forget the Box (June 2013)


Montreal-based indie folk collective The Franklin Electric turned heads last year, claiming first prize in a Nashville songwriting competition with the infectious song, “Old Piano”. The group then banded together to lay down a debut album and This is How I Let You Down is the result. Working with the ADISQ-winning mixing engineer Rob Heaney for an almost-live approach to the recordings, lead vocalist/piano/trumpeter Jon Matte’s stellar songwriting guides the ten tracks with a confident brass section and strong harmonies there to add melodic support. Think Fleet Foxes or Hey Rosetta as references.

Noah Siegel - New Canadian Music (July 2013)


"I got there maybe a little too late, a realization that struck me as I was stuck in the motions of coat check and security, hearing music that grabbed me from the inside and implored me to rush forward to front center stage. You know the feeling?holy shit that’s my song!! Let’s get there NOW! Only I had never heard this song, and it definitely wasn’t mine. It was The Franklin Electric, a folky rock pop band based in yours truly, Montreal. The crowd was enthralled; people were asking strangers who this band was?always a good sign. What sets these guys apart might just be the combination of rustic yet polished vocals, brass, and infectious positivity. Lead singer and trumpeter Jon Matte’s presence on stage kind of makes you fall in love. Not necessarily with him, but with the energy he emanates (ok fine?maybe him too). As they closed with their new single “Old Piano” one couldn’t help but feel right at home in The Franklin Electric’s Olympian living room. " - Indecent Xposure (Nov 20, 2012)

"Unsigned Only Music Competition Unveils New Canadian Favourites Among Others"

"Unsigned Only Music Competition Unveils New Canadian Favourites Among Others. Nearly 7,500 songs were submitted and of those, Canadian artists have come away with one First Place win and an impressive 11 Honorable Mentions. Jon Matte, Kevin Warren, Martin Desrosby, and Jean-Sebastien Leblanc of The Franklin Electric took First Place in the Adult Contemporary category for their first single, “Old Piano.”The Franklin Electric have been performing at local clubs and festivals across Canada. They are currently in the final steps of production for their debut album, which is due for release this winter. We’ve posted their single, “Old Piano” above… but we took a special liking to this one we discovered online – here they are performing “Those Lies” from their roof top series… Congratulations TFE!" - In Retro (Sep 12, 2012)

"Canadian Band Rocks 1st Place in US Competition"

"Montreal band The Franklin Electric scored a 1st place win with their foot-tapping adult contemporary single “Old Piano,” in the Unsigned Only Music Competition. Bandmates John Matte, Kevin Warren, Bud Rice, Martin Desrosby, and Jean-Sebastien are vocal-oriented and well versed in a variety of rock and folk genres, inspired by ambient guitar textures and brass. Look for the band’s debut album this winter and check them out at The US-based online competition was launched last year and is designed for solo artists, bands, and singers who are not signed to a major label. It features celebrity judges including Cyndi Lauper, 3 Doors Down, Kelly Clarkson, and Kenny Rogers. Throw in some industry execs and the Unsigned Only becomes an international battleground with 7,500 song submissions from over 80 countries. " - Chill Media (Sep 12, 2012)


Single: Old Piano - Nov 2012
Album: This Is How I Let You Down - June 2013



Montreal-based indie folk-pop-brass collective The Franklin Electric turned heads last year, claiming first prize in a Nashville songwriting competition with the infectious song, “Old Piano”. The group then banded together to lay down a debut album, and "This is How I Let You Down" is the result. As their first great stepping stone with humbling success through live shows, festivals and solid Itunes sales, they now quickly sail into the next chapter of their journey: A mini orchestral Remix EP of the record.

Working with the ADISQ-winning mixing engineer Rob Heaney for an almost-live approach to the recordings, lead vocalist/piano/trumpeter Jon Matte’s stellar songwriting guides the ten tracks with a confident brass section and strong harmonies there to add melodic support. ``This record allowed us to reach many new fans through shows and vast reviews on blogs as well as radio. CBC radio alongside Radio Canada, CJAD, and various college stations in Canada and the U.S have played and supported the music. A surprising number of bloggers have also discovered the music organically through direct connections with the songs / lyrics, at live shows, on a roof top or just meeting someone who spoke about us! Dedicated to the music, we are truly grateful for this honest, independent magic in the evolution of the band`` says Matte.

As front man and heart behind the group, Jon Matte has built his career on a resume of professionalism. He studied music at Vanier College in Montreal, and shortly after built a roster of production credits working with popular Canadian artists such as Patrick Watson, Bran Van 3000, and Bad News Brown.

The orchestral remix sessions features 3 songs including the title track "This Is how i let you down" + a bonus track titled "Running". The remixes will be released monthly between mid-October 2013 and the new year. A north american tour is scheduled for spring / summer of 2014.

Think Fleet Foxes or Hey Rosetta as references.

The Franklin Electric's debut album "This is how I let you down" available June 16th, 2013.