The Franklin Kite

The Franklin Kite


The Franklin Kite plays original rock and pop with an electronic bent. They are committed to hot, absorbing live performances that will engage your mind and make you shake your behind.


The Franklin Kite is an rock/pop/electronic band based in Cambridge, MA. They are on a mission to create powerful and engaging rock that harnesses the expressive potential of a laptop-integrated live performance. Their sound is glitch-pop meets the Beastie Boys, the delicate melodies of Coldplay meet the infectious energy of Beck.

TFK has played many venerable rock clubs around the Northeast and in March 2007 completed a successful residency at the Abbey Lounge in Somerville, MA.


The band has released their self-titled debut EP. Songs are available for download under the Creative Commons Sampling+ License, which means you can download it, share it, and even remix it commercially under some circumstances.

TFK songs have appeared on 101.7 WFNX, 100.1 WBRS, and 106.1 WSCA, Exploit Boston Radio, and the Band in Boston podcast.

Set List

A TFK set consists of a wide range of original rock from the driving pop rock of "Nectar" to the atmospheric "Set the World Alight". Other selections from TFK's hour-long original set list include:

"I am an Invention" - the pinings of a sex slave robot
"Paralyzed" - a soaring rock/dance epic
"The Bling" - crowd-pleasingly infectious hip-hop
"Bastardized" - rock vs. intelligent design
"Rocket Girl" - driving, whimsical electro-pop
"So Alone (The Alien Song)" - humorous narrative rock