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The Frankl Project

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Surprise record of the year"

This might be the surprise local recording of the year. I wasn't expecting much from a band of under-18-year-olds that plays ska/punk/reggae, but damn. Great distinct lead vocals - reminiscent at times of The Specials. The band shines most when they are playing the funkier parts (the ska and reggae), but the distorted parts are decent as well, just less unique. The lyrics are clearly along the "socially-conscious" lines, and although they're not great, some good principles are there, and I'm sure the lyrics will improve as the band grows. The recording is decent, I hear the band is good live, and it's definitely worth picking up this 7-song CD. -

"Cost of War Review"

Hailing from Newport, Kentucky. This unlikely (coming from Kentucky that is) trio is a blend of emo-esque punk and reggae, much akin to parts of old Police and old Rudiments. “Cost of War”, while not necessarily breaking any new ground, certainly breaks ground for what I’ll term as the blatantly “Red” states of the “middle south”. “Cost of War” is an epic of sorts, covering a story of struggle and compromise and being led to make decisions that don’t necessarily follow along with beliefs. Musically, as aforementioned, it is a nicely executed melding of punk/reggae. None of the songs are overtly long, nor inexplicably concise. The CD also is nicely produced, achieving a good balance between instruments and vocals. I should point out that co-vocalist and band namesake Joe Frankl is also the drummer ala The Dave Clark 5 or the Romantics. The lineup is completed with Jake Tippey on Guitar/Lead Vocals and Paul Schrodinger on Bass/Vocals. The median tempo of this release is infact median, nothing too fast, nothing too slow. Over all, “Cost of War” is a compelling 7 tracks of Kentucky rock. -


Cost of War- 7 song EP
Demo Disc- 3 songs


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Frankl boys are a bunch of underage punks from Cincinnati who are big on message and melody. Each song is its own unique blend of styles that is something wholly original, with lyrical topics dealing with homelessness, class struggle, war, intolerance and injustice. While being one of the youngest bands around, The Frankl Project still remains professional, playing with major acts including The Toasters, New Blood Revival, Much The Same, Go Betty Go, Los Gatos Negros and J Page to name a few. While never taking themselves too seriously, The Frankl Project have something serious to say, have a listen and we are sure you will agree.