The Frankl Project

The Frankl Project


The Frankl Project is an experimental political trio. With Punchy guitar and driving bass, they bend the rules of your cliche punk band. Throwing punk, indie, and reggae through a blender in a whole new way, they are keeping music on the move and pushing its boundaries out as far as they can reach.


The Frankl boys are a bunch of underage punks from Cincinnati who are big on message and melody. Each song is its own unique blend of styles that is something wholly original, with lyrical topics dealing with homelessness, class struggle, war, intolerance and injustice. While being one of the youngest bands around, The Frankl Project still remains professional, playing with major acts including The Toasters, New Blood Revival, Much The Same, Go Betty Go, Los Gatos Negros and J Page to name a few. While never taking themselves too seriously, The Frankl Project have something serious to say, have a listen and we are sure you will agree.


American Idle

Written By: The Frankl Project

Stopped up, block it out this is what we're all about,
beneign intervention knowing that just let me mention, how a world wide decline has started to define, the way we view ourselves in America divine.

We've got Jesus preaching on every corner,
as Bush is building his new world order,
that we can't see cuz of our disorder
our pride has stretched beyond all borders.

watch as we explode from the mode with no qualms, not to be confused with those signing psalms.
With smoke clouds rising, big brother is devising a way to keep the masses happy and smiling.
we block out the truth with depictions of reality, that seek to separate consequence from causality.
Well it doesn't make any sense, living our lives in one hour segments.

In a world where justice is dead, we beg for our idols and worship our bread,
we're watching the fall from our TV sets, kidnapped by the airwaves, our faithless regrets.


Cost of War- 7 song EP
Demo Disc- 3 songs

Set List

Our typical set is 9-10 songs, all original, averaging 30 minutes or so, depending on how much talk we do between the rock. A list of songs would look something like this:

Pirate Radio
Soapbox Soldier
Ethiopian Sundance
Cost of War
New Song (whatever that may be at the time)
Dulling the Edge
California Burnout
American Idle
Home Tonight