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We're The Frantic! Rock-n-Roll, punk, pop, what's in a name? We rock. We have lots of fun and so do our fans. We're very proud of our first full length CD "Audio & Murder" that came out in November 2007. Give us 30 minutes and we'll melt your face. Think Riverboat Gamblers meets Sum 41.


Armed with enough fist-pumping energy to make listener’s arms tired and pop hooks sure to garner massive sing-a-longs, Chicago’s THE FRANTIC are poised to bridge the gap between the punk of Rancid and the pop of Fall Out Boy.

The Frantic crew may be young, vocalist Kyle Dee and guitarist Ian Farnesi are both barely 18, while bassist Chris Farnesi and drummer Brett Hartwell are the elders at 19, but after one listen to their November 2007 Sinister Muse Records release Audio & Murder, one would think The Frantic are seasoned veterans. In fact, Audio & Murder, produced by multi-platinum producer Mudrock (Riverboat Gamblers, Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack), is proof that age means nothing in today’s music industry. Audio & Murder is full of adolescent angst complimented with addictive harmonies sure to get mosh pits in motion.

The Frantic have already received admirable acclaim from print, radio, and video markets. The band have been named one of the ‘100 Bands You Need to Know in 2008’ by Alternative Press, as well as ‘Best Band in Chicago’ and ‘Best New Artist’ for 2007 by Chicago’s Q101 (WKQX), beating out The Plain White T’s, Chevelle, Rise Against, Against Me! and Atreyu. The video for the title track, “Audio & Murder,” has been added to programming at MTV, MTV Latin America, and FUSE, as well as countless other retail, regional, and online video markets. In addition, the single “Audio & Murder” is in rotation on national commercial alternative radio, XM, Sirius, and AOL Radio.

According to Kyle Dee, the band’s live show is the best way to get The Frantic experience. “It’s high energy. We get the crowd into it and interact with our fans,” he explains. The band have already rocked the Vans Warped Tour and shared stages with The Pink Spiders, Riverboat Gamblers, Ludo, The Starting Line, The Casualties, US Bombs, and Bayside, just to name a few. With no intention of slowing down, The Frantic are slated to appear at four showcases during South By Southwest (SXSW) in 2008 and have nationwide touring plans through October of 2008, which include dates with Authority Zero, Beat Union, and Whole Wheat Bread.

The Frantic have already logged almost a decade together. Yes, they have been jamming together since before they were in high school and have no intention of slowing down. They want to build their fanbase the old fashioned way; by writing memorable and catchy tunes, putting on an unforgettable rock show, and then shaking hands afterwards. Armed with D.I.Y. determination, undeniable talent, and an ability to get the attention of music fans and critics alike, The Frantic are poised to be rock ‘n’ roll’s next household name.


Audio & Murder

Written By: The Frantic

Billboard doesn’t know rock-n-roll gold!

It’s like audio and murder. Blood spills from your record player
And you begin to cover your ears
Audio and murder…blood spills from your record player
And you regret turning on your radio

Turn the dial left, turn the dial right
Riding in my car in the middle of the night
Turn the dial left, turn the dial right
Stuck in the chest with a rock-n-roll knife

Audio and murder from your record player
And you begin to cover your ears
Audio and murder from your record player
And you regret turning on your radio

It’s like audio and murder, baby! C’mon!

I Don't Want To Be Alone

Written By: The Frantic

Here’s a story that will pull at your strings
Listen to every word that I sing
A girl, a boy, and a broken heart
And how they felt right from the start

My heart’s been broken many times before
Every time I’ve been shown that door
And I don’t want to feel like this anymore
So just promise me…

Seal a response with your lovely locks
Drop it in your little letter box
All I want is an answer true
Saying that I love you

Oh, I don’t want to be alone
Gotta say that it makes my day
Just to hear your sweet voice on the phone

Gotta have you by my side
Even if I can’t find a ride
The happiness that you provide
When I see your face
(Whoa) Just to see your face…again

Gotta have you here with me
The only face that I want to see
You really are my MVP
And I ain’t kidding
(Whoa) Just to see your face…again

Oh, I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to miss you anymore

Hollywood Homicide

Written By: The Frantic

Went down to Hollywood, got caught up in a crime
They took me in and then they stuck me with hard time

It’s a Hollywood homicide…Hollywood homicide
No one gets out alive
You can run but you can’t hide
It’s a Hollywood homicide…Hollywood homicide
No one gets out alive
We’re the living dead in Hollywood

Carjacks and maniacs in a sunny west coast state
A town that only fame and murder could create


Rock & Roll Renegade (EP) :: March 2008 (Sinister Muse Records)
Audio & Murder (LP) :: November 2007 (Sinister Muse Records)
Audio-n-Murder (EP) :: February 2005 (Out of Print)

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I Don't Want To Be Alone
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Hollywood Homicide
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