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""The Frauds, Myracle Brah, Jones Falls, Beltways - The Mojo - February 20, 2004""

..."The Frauds played right before Myracle Brah who ended the show. A voice blend that harmonizes well is always a plus for me. The Frauds are: Rick Bowman on guitar; Eric Emerson-bass; EJ Emerson-drums; Brice Hickey-guitar. I stole this next line [from] The Frauds website, very fitting for the CD I bought: "The Frauds features 13 tracks of unapologetic, in-your-face rock-n-roll. The album's sound is raw enough to appeal to truly devout indie rock fans, yet its subtle pop essence opens the door to mainstream ears as well."

I predict that you'll see their name a lot more in 2004! Bottom line on The Frauds - would I see them again? Absoultely.

- Joanne - Music Monthly


"Another nice slice of high energy garage rock from Baltimore! These cool, slightly punky Charm City chaps rock! Think a more melodic, early period Replacements and you get the idea. Hooks, lots of loud, cruchy guitars and crisp delivery dominate the proceedings! Music to drink some Natty Bo to hon! Another growler! TERRIFIC!!

- Ray Ganchietti
Kool Kat Musik - Kool Kat Musik

""The Frauds - Making Waves In Maryland""

"Another rock band that is making waves in Maryland is The Frauds. This Baltimore-based band has taken the garage-rock sound to a new level with their self-titled debut CD on Orange Records, a label located in Ocean City.

Recorded and produced entirely by the band in their Baltimore apartment, the CD stands up to the standards of a major label release - both in terms of production value and the quality of the songs and musicians.

Even though they've only been together for less than two years, The Frauds sound like a group of seasoned veterans, not a fledgling band releasing their first album. This special bond, along with a whole lot of raw talent is what sets The Frauds apart from lesser rock bands in the region.

The band consists of Rick Bowman - guitars, electric bass, vocals, piano, violin, and percussion; Eric Emerson - electric bass, vocals, and piano; EJ Emerson - drums and percussion; and Brice Hickey - guitars.

From the first notes of their album, it is clear that The Frauds get what real rock and roll music is about. Not only can they write and perform, but they have the attitude to go with it. Though comparisons could be made to bands like The Strokes and Jet, it is clear that The Frauds are not just cheap imitators.

Usually when a band produces their own independent album, the results are less than stellar. But, that's simply not the case with this band. The Frauds have created an album as good as anything available commercially and they did it on their own. From the rockin' first single "The Church Of Seduction & The Republic of Business" to the guitar driven "Believe What I've Found" and the retro sound of "Cards, Candy & More" this album covers a lot of ground - and pulls it off effortlessly. Definitely a band worth checking out...

- Greg Yost - Music Monthly

"JET and the Frauds - Ottobar"

"...The show started around 10 PM with one of my new favorite local bands, The Frauds. Make no mistake - you are going to be hearing about these boys for a long time if they can hold it together. (Why do the best bands always seem to implode?)

The Frauds are a quartet of talented lads who have had enough of the overload of depressing and oppressive corporate rock that fouls the airwaves. These dudes put a fresh face on power-pop with teeth. They ran through a short set that included most of the tracks on their self-titled debut CD.

As their lead singer, Rick Bowman explained later, "We came on, we rocked, and then we left." I think that sums it up."

- Kat Dickison - Music Monthly

""Classic!--and a whole lot of other superlatives.""

CLASSIC--and a whole lot of other superlatives. Rise right on up the Top Of 2004, boys! So many great sounds going on here...with betwitchingly catchy songs, colorful, exciting hooks and nerve-center hitting melodies. For fans of Sloan, Velvet Crush, Zumpano, Arlo, New Pornographers, The Shins, The Figgs and Spoon. Stacks of 3 part harmonies, refreshing, slippery hooks, sugary subversive melodies all over the place, all wrapped up in a `could be huge playing in arenas in that alternate musical universe so many of us rhasodize over-a-few-beers.` Brimming with great, memorable song after song, blossoming into Technicolor view. These `frauds` are the real deal and about as authentic as it gets. Yes, Not Lame is over the top on this one. It`s pretty much perfect for these ears....Grade "A", Extremely Highly Recommended, Not To Be Missed, you name it. Walk with us on this one, okay - Not Lame Recordings - Website Review

"Stranded In Stereo Review"

What does one think of when you hear the phrase 'Hiding Out Loud': Muddled senses or perhaps a game of hide-n-seek gone awry? Well both of those would be wrong, sorry kid. Actually, Hiding Out Loud is the second release from Baltimore kids The Frauds an album is interesting musically, but more so intellectually. Its almost a well adjusted love album for those too proud to fall into the abyss of self-deprecation, but still forlorn. Like the title suggests, there is nothing truly hidden on this album.

It's very hard to walk the tightrope over depression. It's even more difficult to be able to clearly describe staring into the depths of your soul without using vague analogies and abstract concepts. The Frauds come close to painting some vivid images by counteracting instinctual reactions. On "Strawberry Soul" instead of crying "why can't you love me", bassist Eric Emerson muses "why does a girl always have to be a girlfriend? Is it because you can't depend on self?" That's a pretty sick burn that helps escape self-reflectivity in lyrics that is a trend that is becoming way too prevalent. Still, the song "To Fall in Love" keeps the boys' feet on the ground, and their hearts on their sleeves. It's fair to say you can't truly escape the clutches of emotion and sentimentality, but it 's a nice thought for us troubled cynics. Hope is not lost, for the track "Love Me Don't" is heartbreak for the rage-a-holic; nothing brutal, but a quick rebuttal to the ladies to "chose to keep it real" to the point of rejection.

The rest of the album is on par with their self-titled debut. "Pull Me Over" shows some creativity with the use of wrenches to tinker franticly beneath the three-part harmony. The nostalgic croon of "Her Way" holds a feel best coupled with a Zach Braff film, for better or worse. All of these tracks are far from hiding, and place everything on the table, spades up. Hearts get broken, love gets lost, and we move on. No tires seem to have been harmed in the making of this album, only egos, which may hit closer to home than any boy with guyliner ever could hope to with sad songs about no one ever liking him. The Frauds do a pretty impressive job of downplaying the sad, and taking hold of possibilities. Even with that said, one has to wonder, that with a title Hiding Out Loud and a name like The Frauds, maybe there is more creeping beneath the surface that we can know on this album. - 2007

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Full Length Releases:
Hurry it Down EP - 2002 - Orange Records
The Frauds - 2003 - Orange Records
The Frauds (Remastered w/ new tunes) - 2006 - High Wire Music
Everybody Hangin' On (Limited Edition EP)
Hiding Out Loud (Sept 2007) - High Wire Music

Radio support provided by the Planetary Group



The Frauds - Bio

Contrary to what the name suggests, The Frauds are the real thing. Baltimore’s garage rock poster kids opt for classic, straightforward rock. Like The Stooges, Tom Petty and The Replacements before them, The Frauds combine aggressive guitars, honest lyrics and heartfelt vocals – oh! and a lot of beer and cigarettes – to create original songs that rise up to the great standard bearers of American rock n’ roll.

Ironically, this all-American band got its conceptual start in Russia. Rick Bowman (guitar & vocals) and Ernie “EJ” Emerson (drums) met as exchange students in an art program in St. Petersburg. As kindred spirits and rock (lovers) often do, they keyed in on each other immediately.

“We met on a few occasions in Russia with our exchange group and I think he saw me playing air drums to a Nirvana song that was on the radio. We immediately became friends,” Bowman remembers. “We hung out the rest of the trip and took advantage of Russia’s young drinking age. We’d share whatever booze we could get our hands on, getting loaded in our hotel room. We agreed then and there that we should start a band as soon as we got home.” He stops and laughs, “Not much has changed!”

The Frauds self-titled debut on High Wire Music (Fontana Distribution) features 16 unapologetic, in-your-face tunes. It’s raw sound will rock you, but it’s the clever hooks that will draw you in. Radio seems to agree as their single “The Church of Seduction & The Republic of Business” has been added into regular rotation at Baltimore’s biggest rock station, 98 Rock, and also at The X. College radio is also joining the fray with consistent and regular adds at stations up and down the mid-Atlantic and beyond.

With a “louder than life” show, the band has earned spots opening for Swedish sensations, The Sounds, and Aussie rockers, Jet. With this debut classic under their belt, The Frauds just returned from a 4 week US tour promoting their latest LP, Hiding Out Loud-now at #118 on the CMJ college radio charts.

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