The Freedom Mercenaries of Blues

The Freedom Mercenaries of Blues


Our band does original blues and rock. The lead guitarist , Wayne, has an original tone that is very bluesy and earthy. There are a few acoustical and alternative country songs too.


The Freedom Mercenaries of blues are similar to Double Trouble , Stevie Ray Vaugn's band. There is a lot of blues with the stretching of the guitar strings and a customized tone similar to Stevie. Wayne is from Virginia Beach and the other members are from San Antonio. Wayne signed with a label and is trying now to get his band known in San Antonio. There is no other band in Texas that has the strong blues tone of the BC Rich guitar-customized pickup that Wayne has developed over the years. There are great responses from his fans at High-Tones in San Antonio.


You can buy the cd, "Wasting time in Chicago" online and in the New Braunfels music store called Hastings. You can also buy other cds like "The Jungle" at You can stream the song "One more chance" at

Set List

You shook me, One more chance, Everyday, Ball and chain