The Free Radical
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The Free Radical

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"iMusic...The Free Radical - The Free Radical"

Its Alternative + Rock + Hip-Hop but I'm not complaining, I'm actually enjoying this record I'm listening to right now (you can listen to it right below too). If you like your music loud but with rhythm & with electric guitars & with a thumping bass line & crazy dope drum patterns then you should definitely check this EP out! I'm not gonna lie, this ain't for everyone but I'll implore you to hit play at this record below & then we can take it from there. What do you say? - Conversations About Her

"The Free Radical EP"

Check out Free Radical's self titled EP. He wrote, produced, composed and performed all six tracks. Talk about talented right? I also saw him tweet that he will be on the East Coast later next month! Go Head now Free! Download link and tracklist after the jump.

Attention all east coast friends. Be in NYC on september 25th... I'll be performing. Details coming soon. -@realfreeradical -


The Free Radical EP (Digital Release)



What makes me who I am, huh? Well, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, The son of two West Indian parents. Growing up in Brooklyn gave me the "dual perception" that inspires and molds almost everything I do. The lights and aura of the Big City fed the monster within me known as My Aspiration, while the sometimes bleak atmosphere of Brooklyn catered to my grounding process. Upon entering college at the University of Maryland at College Park, there was a strict balance of power between My Aspiration and me. We coexisted wonderfully, and shared the same goals. Our end games were identical. In the game of chess we both were fond of the pawns.

Going away to school provided me with an abundance of life changing experiences, and allowed me to meet many interesting characters. Somewhere along my path a metamorphosis took place. The balance of power within me shifted. My Aspiration developed an insatiable hunger and accordingly devoured all other beings and expressions within. Shortly thereafter, we had a conversation. It told me that If we continued on this path that it would only lead to mediocrity. It said that being a doctor is great, but there is much more in store. It told me that true greatness could be achieved. So we sat down and contemplated the future by observing out past. The one constant that we found was music - piano lessons as a child, the church choir, high school chorus, and an ever-growing obsession with genre blending. We came to the conclusion that we should no longer exist as two entities in one, but should combine to reach this new summit. We would use music to ascend to unparalleled heights and positively influence the world. We also decided that our new favorite chess piece was the Knight.