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"Myspace by the Fresh"

this song about has been making the rounds so quickly that it'll be unhip by Friday. The tune is performed by The Fresh, described as "more of a concept than a band" on (where else?) its MySpace page. The video is made up of clips from MySpace members, and the lyrics espouse the glory -- some of it profane, so be warned -- of the site that's "so much better than Friendster ... but you never look like your picture." - Daily Candy from USA Today

"The Fresh play "Crazy""

From the LA based comedy band, The Fresh, that brought you the song - MySpace (video of that song after the jump) and The Craigslist Collection, Pt. 1. They played Hotel Cafe a week and a half ago and brought out this spectacular. -

"Shiloh’s Hallelujah Chorus"

What kind of Messiah would Brangelina’s baby Shiloh be if her blessed life were not worshipped and honored in song? Admit it, while slightly repulsed, you’re not altogether surprised that someone has finally taken the initiative to write the inevitable “Shiloh Nouvel” song. The divinely-inspired musicians are none other than The Fresh, an LA-based musical comedy band. Go to their MySpace page, turn up the volume, and give your most reverent attention to the beatific sounds of this most holy choir.
- Best Week Ever

"The Fresh at Hotel Cafe"

The Fresh
Hotel Cafe
Hollywood, CA

The Fresh have thier fingers on the pulse of modern pop culture and they exploit that with every song. The quirky quartet flows from one obscure genre to the next in songs "TMI", "Bender" and "Man Love", venturing through polka backbeats and disco leads. Although the lyrics are amusing, the music is surprisingly intellegent.
From introducing their set by singing in three-part harmony, "It's Saturday Night at the Hotel Cafe," to rolling with miscues as opportunities to mock one another, The Fresh displayed a well-rehearsed sense of the stage. Dino's drumming technique was impeccable; very tight and controlled from beat to beat while Kurt Morgan's impressive walking bass leads were featured in bass solos. Matching thier artistry was vocalist and acoustic guitarist Jack Voorhies, whose Rivers Cuomo presence echoed the fun loving and animated playing of lead guitarist John Fulton.
The Fresh thrived off the energy that was produced by the audience's utter surprise at the band's musical content. Playing as a group and not as one or two talented individuals, The Fresh had an entertaining performance lyrically and musically. Between songs the band's dialogue and banter only added to the enjoyable atmosphere that was created by their carefree music.
The Fresh emerged as a saving grace for an audience desperate to hear something more upbeat and unusual. The group delivered great music and generated positive laughs from the audience. The band is a refreshing addition to the Los Angeles music scene, and with a growing interest in the group, the Fresh will need to continue to develop their atypical writing and playing style.
-Adam Pompili - Music Connection Nov. 2009

"The Self-Titled Debut Album by The Fresh" Dec. 2008

It isn't often that you'll hear me talking about Blue Balls or Cockblocking... but these are serious issues in serious times. Sure, hope & change are upon us, but, what about the issues of the little man??

Well, these problems are brought to our attention in the debut album from Los Angeles based "comedy rock" band The Fresh.

Sure, you might be thinking "'Comedy Rock' band? Gigglechick, I take my rock seriously. I don't want some sort of Weird Al wanna-bes in my cd player or ipod or mp3 player of choice"

Don't worry. I would not steer you wrong. When I heard them described as "Comedy Rock" I was skeptical at first as well. As I popped in the CD "The Self-Titled Debut Album" for the first time (keep in mind, I was with my friend Cathy in my MINI and we had a good hour or so to drive to Atlantic City to see *gulp* Madonna ... free tickets, what more can I say?) I was pleasantly surprised...

First, I was surprised because many times I am sent items to review and it's just painful to listen to and you want to go find whoever sent you the thing, hug them and say "please. stop."

HOWEVER... from the first strains of "Blue Balls", I had a smile on my face.

Okay, um, that sounds like an inappropriate statement.

Here's the thing, first you're expecting "comedy" --- but, THESE GUYS CAN FRIGGING PLAY!! Seriously.

I've been listening to this CD pretty much non-stop over the past week and a half. Between the music and the lyrics... HAVE I MENTIONED THE LYRICS?

So smart. So funny. Every time I listen to this album, I'm hearing something new in the lyrics or little items in the background and I wind up guffawing.

But, best of all, I find myself singing these songs in the shower or just as I'm lollygagging around the house... or, um, I will let you know that I wound up singing "Cockblocking" to myself in my head the other night as a lullaby...

But wait - there is SO much more to The Fresh's "The Self-Titled Debut Album" than "Blueballs" or "Cockblocking"

I'm going to go through each song...

Track 1 - BLUEBALLS...
As a woman, I don't understand the excruciating pain that blue balls seems to render on a fella (and I, being a kind-hearted girl, prides herself on never leaving a guy in that state...) But, after listening to the lyrics, one can understand what might be going on in some suitor's head when this happens... The music rocks. It conveys the frustration of said condition -- and the chords stick in your head... Yes, I have belted out "BLUUUUUE BALLLS!" as I've driven to the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru...

Track 2 - MAN LOVE
The Fresh really had me with their bass and rhythm here. Okay... I might just stop trying to be a music critic here... I don't know a hell of a lot about instruments and all of that mumbo-jumbo. BASICALLY, this song just made me want to move - as in dance around and have fun. I know what I like in music and this is it. Let me stick with the comedy review. The song is about the Guy Crush a.k.a. Man Love... but not in a "gay way". Fellas, you know that you totally have a man crush on 007 or Kobe Bryant. But it's not like you want to, you know...

I'm not delving into the specifics of the lyrics, because I want each line to be a delicious surprising little morsel of goodness when you hear it.

Here is a nice, fun little poppy tune. About Hollywood. It has been playing in my head - as well as in my car - over and over. In a good way (not in the "please kill me" way.) The way the music is mixed throughout this song just makes me happy. I sound like a freak writing this don't I? It's a bouncy little song that is filled with wise-arsery and I love it. It's SOOOOOOOO GOOD.

This is a song about The One. When you listen to it, you will know who they are talking about and you will worship her after hearing it. In my opinion, this track has a hint of reggae flavour to it (without it being an annoying reggae song). Let's just say that it has to do with one of the most beautiful children on the planet. Again, one of the songs that accompanies me as I am feeding the dog in the morning or walking to the mailbox. It's stuck in my head. Stuck - and I don't want it to escape.

Okay, before you think I've been paid $10K for drooling over this album, I will let you know that this song is sort of my least favourite track on here. It's silly and a bit screamy - which, when you think about it, it's pretty damned funny that they're screeching about Puppies and Babies. It's not my favourite, but, it's still fun to listen to.

Let me preface this by saying that the day I listened to this song, a friend of mine had passed away that morning. He was an Irish singer who used to sing "The Unicorn Song" (TOTALLY DIFFERENT SONG THAN THIS ONE)... So it took me a week before I could listen to the word "Unicorn" without getting misty. Once I was able to put all my focus on this "Unicorn's Horn" track, I was able to giggle like a, well, like a gigglechick. It's silly and has a twist in the lyrics that made me scream "Oh Sweet Jaysus!" It did take me a couple of listens to really have it grow on me.

The title is pretty self-explanatory about what this is about. We've all had a strange bird as a co-worker at one time or another (if you haven't, you might be that strange bird). You know, the kind that makes you sort of have a "we might die" feeling in your stomach about. This song is about Yvonne. It also has a great beat (Okay. I am no Dick Clark, but, it really does.)

Throw out your Barry White/Get The Chick Into Bed songs that you have stored in your bachelor arsenal. This is a, dare I say, sexy little song. Coincidentally, it's about someone looking for that "steady pound". That means intercourse, kids. It's a nice bluesy, bass-filled 6:22 minute song. It has grown on me the more I listen.

To me, this has a slight Cracker-esque feel to it... it's a little over a minute long (which is probably a little longer than Two Buck Chuck really lasts.)

The smooth sounds of The Fresh combine the music and the lyrics here to create what might be my favourite song on the album. [PSA: Cockblocking is an epidemic - which doesn't just happen to guys.] Cathy (who I mentioned earlier) and I were driving and belting the chorus to this out while making up dance moves to it. I don't know who Daryl is, but, he needs to chill. Who is Daryl??? Seriously, you need to buy this CD and listen to it.

Yes, I know the word "cockblocking" may not be your cup of tea. No, I cannot really stand there cooking dinner for Gigglemom while singing "Bitches and Hoes, Jocks and Bros, Cockblockin'" --- I mean, personally, I COULD, but, Gigglemom would burst into tears.

Everything about this song just makes me grin, laugh, sing and do little dance movements to it. Highly Recommend!!

If I were to get married at some point, I'm thinking that this would be a good wedding song for me. It's a "stalkery", pretty little track. Yes. It is funny. Very, VERY funny.

Track 12 - PLOWTOWN
The music is great. 90% of the lyrics crack me up. The song is still growing on me (I'm not thrilled with the "Girl I'm Gonna Stretch You Out" line, because it just creeps me out.) I like it more than Puppies & Babies though.

This seems to be The Fresh's answer to Band Aid's "Feed the World" --- but hipper and not just about feeding the hungry. They are saving EVERYTHING. This is also one of the songs that I keep finding new layers within the lyrics. Just kills me. Good funny, funny stuff.

Okay --- so, you've now witnessed the Gigglechick CD Review for The Fresh "The Self-Titled Debut Album"

My review doesn't do them justice. I want everyone to go and check them out.


Nov. 2008-
The Self-Titled Debut Album by The Fresh.

Radio Play-
Blueballs-Dr. Demento
Man Love-Rhapsody
My Space-Sirius Radio
7/11/04-WERS Boston



The Fresh started in early 2004 with New Englanders John Fulton and Kurt Morgan playing comedy and serious songs at open mics and local clubs in LA. As the fanbase started to grow, so did the need for more comedy songs. In 2005 Jack Voorhies joined the group with new songs and his own taste of sarcasm. That same year, Kurts amazing bass playing led him to several world tours with multiple bands giving a unique opportunity to Jack and John.

In early 2006, they wrote MySpace the song and were quickly being seen and talked about through TV, internet and word of mouth. Kurts return in 2006 was perfect timing for the band who were now playing with drummer Dino. The Fresh bring
the funny with clever, eclectic melody driven songs about blueballs, Celebrities and pop culture. They are now playing all over LA in venues like Hotel Cafe, Spaceland,Tangier and theaters like UCB and the Comedy Central stage. They've been featured on Best week ever,,, and Sirius radio. They have been asked by Slash to open for Slash and Friends in Nov. 2009.