The Friction xx

The Friction xx

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Having been called the "next big female-fronted rock band" and compared to super-groups Garbage, and Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Friction bring a Punk-Rock attitude to their Electro-Pop finesse. Touring extensively with other international acts members combined are all seasoned super-performers.


Having supported live international acts like VV Brown and The Spin Doctors, lead singer Ma'ayan Castel had made quite a name for herself as a solo artist by touring and showcasing in New York, Boston, and LA. She also grabbed the attention of EMI Execs in Japan and several labels in London. After making the move to LA, it was an easy decision for Guitarist/Producer Leo Mellace (The Fugees, Tribe of Judah) to ask Ma'ayan to front The Friction. Right away the band got in the studio and began to write new material. Fast-forward a few months and everyone who hears them swears they are the next Big female fronted rock band.


Album set for October release.