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Sands of Shame

Written By: The Fritts

Wading through the desert
I met an old man
He had big black eyes
A cigar in his hand

Through his eyes I could see
He was a powerful being
Holding out a shriveled hand
He said ‘follow me’

So we went all day
Till the sky turned grey
And my mouth was parched
And my throat was dry

The sun was so bright
That it froze my brain
So I closed my eyes
And went out this place

I awoke in a chair
Looking down on a scene
With a young girl and boy
And I knew it was me

And they danced, and they kissed
And they twirl and they sung
Said ‘look at us
Our life’s just begun’

Then I went to a house
A top of a hill
Saw the same girl and boy
Their love was there still

Till a a man dressed in black
Arrived on the scene
With the old man in tail
He said ‘you don’t wanna see’

So I wait

Then I rushed on in time
To a funeral crying
There were people paying
Respects in a line

To the girl I have seen
Every night in my dreams
And standing next to the coffin
There stood solemn me
From the corner of my eye
I got a surprise
I saw the old man waiting
No tear in his eyes

Looking down at his watch
He said ‘it is time’
Then walked right up to me
Whispered ‘savour your life’

Then I shot to the desert
Looking back down on me
With an empty canteen
I was barely breathing

Promptly a man
Made himself known to me
With a bend in his knee
He said ‘follow me’

But I don’t wanna go
No I don’t wanna leave
I know I have seen
How cruel life can be
?But I’ve also seen good
Much more than I should
So please leave me be
Cos’ I don’t wanna leave

Just wait

You said ‘savour your life’
That was your advice
And only now I have seen
How bitter I’ve been

Oh I’ve got to redeem
I’ve got to get clean
I need to be free
So just leave me be

But the clock was turned
And no sand remains
As the last grains fade
They reveal my shame

But I tell you
You’ve made a mistake
Please leave me be
It’s never too late
So wait