The Frolics

The Frolics


The Frolics are a power-pop surf punk band. If you moved the Dead Kennedys, The Cramps and the B-52's into a small unrenovated home in East Nashville, the sound they would make before the police came would be The Frolics.


The Frolics are a family band. Amy & Scott are married and Curt's our brother from another mother. Amy's influences include too much Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass as a child. But she grew up in Seattle so that was overpowered by HoleNirvanaAliceInChains. Scott's trying to figure out how Dick Dale does it. He's obviously a freak of nature. And Curt grew up in Alabama. That fact alone explains so much about his arrest record.


Our CD is being streamed in Murfreesboro. We're also on our way to CDbaby and its incredible digital distribution system. Our myspace is:

Set List

Set list is 10 to 15 songs, depending on stage time of original songs. We can easily fill more than an hour of original music. Shorter sets are also cool.
Song list:
1) The Frolic Room
2) Crank it Frank
3) Take Me To Bed
4) Discount Liquor & Beer
5) Travelin' Meth Lab
6) Plaything
7) Starsky & Hutch
8) Beauty Queen
9) Go Ahead And Call The Cops
10) Alcohol & Adderall
11) Easy Girl
12) Go Electric!
13) Herpes
14) The Ballad of Eazy E
15) Davidson County Jail
16) Crackhead Fred