The Front Porch Jamming Concept

The Front Porch Jamming Concept


Josh is crazy. But in a good way. Firmly believing that All The World's a Stage, he delights in both aspects of being a musician - playing great music, AND entertaining the crowd. Total incineration is the goal. You won't be bored - guaranteed! Styles? Blues, rock, funk, and a bit 'o jazz.


Josh Urban thinks different.

He sounds different, too. A native of the Washington, DC area, Josh is a rock lead guitarist at heart. But he digs jazz and blues, and funk makes his white self wanna get down an' dance. So he infuses these elements into the sonic stew he cooks up on stage. The goal: Burn the house down! He does this by maintaining a high level of guitar-hero integrity, while providing dance-able entertainment for the whole crowd. He loves that microphone, too. When he's not singing, Josh is cracking jokes, interacting with the audience, and telling them the latest crazy story that's halfway truthful. After seeing one of Josh's shows, a patron asked him

“What are ya, Josh? A musician or a comedian?”

His answer? “Both!”

Josh loves to be center stage. “Ladies and Gents, may I have your ears?” As a matter of fact, he should really get himself a license plate frame that says “I'd Rather Be in the Limelight.” He could slap it on the back of his Z28 (which he somehow manages to fit a guitar rig AND a PA system into), and roar off to your venue to thoroughly entertain everyone.

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"Crickets and Electric Guitars"

Set List

Josh plays originals and covers. The set list is always updating and changing, but blues, rock, and funk have top priority. Jazz usually manages to sneak in once in a while, too.