Rock - N - Roll the way it is meant to sound - High-energy music, soulful vocal harmonies, face-melting electric guitar, catchy melodies, & explosive drum beats that will make you dance 'til you drop, with a yearning for more TFB songs days beyond the show.


The Fryday Band is a high-energy acoustic rock group based in San Diego, who is creating a groundswell of fan support and a growing nationwide reputation for their exciting original music. The release of their debut Greenlight will keep the excitement growing!

With a rare combination of talent, unbridled energy and great fun, TFB creates music that connects with everyone who listens. The original lyrics touch its listeners on a personal level, and the music brings them to their feet. The bands’ infectious spirit and energy keep everyone clamoring for more.

Like all bands, TFB has many musical influences. However, this fivesome has found a way to synthesize its influences without sounding like any other band. Make no mistake –– drawing on influences as divergent as Dire Straits, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Matthews, Moody Blues, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Martin Sexton –– The Fryday Band weaves a sonic tapestry that is completely its own.

Jamie Varley’s distinctive stage presence and vocals give life to the band’s lyrics, most of which he writes. Keyboardist Jeremy Miller provides the orchestration of the tunes while Dane Scott brings his virtuosity of the electric guitar to the mix. These two instruments furnish the music with its unique sound and fervent solos. Brendan McCasky’s unmistakable groove on bass guitar and Troy Harrell’s rock solid beats on the drums sets the rhythmic foundation and has proven to get people on their feet.


Newly released Studio Album - "Greenlight"
A self titled EP

Set List

Skylines & Smiles
What A Love
B's Reggae
Lifetime of Memories
Taste and Feel

- - 15 minute break - -

Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye)
My Best Friends
Don't Start Me
Remembering Alex
Face Another Dawn
Gotta Get Up
American Dream

- - Encore - -
Country Roads (John Denver)