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Van Nuys, California, United States | INDIE

Van Nuys, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Theft - Britpop arena rock"

Based in Los Andgeles and inspired by Brit rock, Theft is comprised of Matt McCartie (vocals), Daley Hake (guitar), Ashton Likes (bass), and Austen Hooks (drums). Theft’s accomplishments include writing an original score for the award-winning documentary show, “True Life,” and landing their single, “Breathing Underwater” as the theme song for the intervention series, “Gone Too Far.”
Theft embarks on ‘The Hard Way’ with a challenge and a statement. The ship is going down, will you hold on tight or jump over the side? You might survive this, you might not; either way, you’ll “never be the same.” This song bursts forth to capture the listener’s immediate attention. And once you’re blissfully overwhelmed, Theft keeps you happy with the spiraling rock of “Breathing Underwater.”
Celebrating all the possibilities that lie ahead, “Fireworks Explode” says, “This is the start of everything you know” and encourages you to shine in this moment. This artrock powerpop piece is particularly enthralling and the hinge point of the album.
What follows thereafter is lower key, straightforward rock, beginning with the title track. Pounding drums push through as Theft says, “We do it the hard way… the best way we can.” At this point, Theft sounds ready for the challenge. They soon appear tired though, with the winsome “Shiver” confessing “I want to swim in the fountain where all good pennies are found”, and “Give Up” which elicits more aggravation than empathy.
The songs in the middle section of the album get away from the arena rock feel and take on a slight softrock country sound in the likeness of South Carolina’s Andy Lehman and the Night Moves. Theft regains a bit of the show-stopping awesomeness exhibited at the outset of the album with the song, “Collide.” Encouraging and meaningful, this song says, “I’m afraid I’ll be afraid forever,” then suggests, “You’ll never know till we try.” - Resonance Music Blog

"Theft - Live at Detroit Bar"

Wednesday night at Detroit Bar meant it was time for some good old-fashioned alt-rock, and the line up for the evening, a collection of SoCal locals, delivered in a big way. Fans milled around the candlelit bar while Van Nuys band Theft, the first band of the night, set up for their set. They opened up with a pretty, mellow track that enticed the audience and pulled them in, then moved right into their next song with a steady beat and rock and roll riff. Singer Matt McCartie seemed to be fighting with gravity as he sang, literally standing on tiptoe. Theft played tracks like “Hard Way” (the title track off their 2nd full-length album) and “Weight of the World,” which has a hauntingly beautiful melody that followed me home and sneaked into my iPod. The band enjoyed themselves, and their excitement jumped off the stage and onto the audience before them. - OC Music Magazine

"Soundtrack Spotlight"

by: Debbie Newman

How do you pick a theme song for a show named "If You Really Knew Me"? Truth is, it's not easy. First you have to consider everything "IYRKM" stands for, namely opening up, having a heart and realizing it's never too late to see yourself (and those around you) through fresh eyes. It's a show about shrugging off misconceptions and embracing the power of positive change, a show about reinvention and reserving judgment. More important, it's a show about waking up one day and realizing that everyone has a story to tell, so it deserves a monster lead-in like Theft's "Never Be The Same."

So who's behind it? That'd be songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matt McCartie, who bounced around in several bands (most notably, Driver Eight) before finding his stride with Theft. No stranger to MTV, Theft recorded "Fireworks Explode" (about a friend's tragic brain injury) for an episode of "True Life" and had "Breathing Underwater" picked up as the theme song for DJ AM's "Gone Too Far." Although his style (Beatles-inspired, with a punch) draws comparisons to U.K. imports Coldplay and Oasis, McCartie's latest tracks show off his sharp, playful range and his ability to channel anyone (from Green Day to Kings of Leon), depending on his whim.

Back now with "Never Be The Same," McCartie once again proves himself to be a skillful storyteller, with loud, lilting vocals and a knack for narrative edge. Let Theft take you to a world where emotions run high -- and every day's a new beginning. - MTV - Remote Control Blog

"The Buzz On: Theft"

Theft -- the name of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Matt McCartie's musical project -- is perhaps an homage to the epic rock echoings of his Brit-rock influences.

After kicking around in bands for a while, McCartie decided to go it alone, building his own recording studio and recording all the parts for Theft's songs. Not that you'd know it listening to songs like, "Fireworks Explode" and "Never Be The Same," which could easily be mistaken for the British sounds of Coldplay's lilting heart, The Verve's epic sweep, and Oasis' raw edge.

Even if you're new to Theft you might've heard McCartie's music already. His song, "Breathing Underwater" is the theme song to the late DJ AM's new MTV show, Gone Too Far, which examines the devastating effects of drug addiction and offering hope to those willing to accept the opportunity to change their lives. His the Theft song, "Fireworks Explode," became the theme song to season 1 of It's On With Alexa Chung.



Breathing Underwater - EP - Jan 2010
Never Be The Same - Single- Aug. 2010

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For any hard-working musician, the key is to find their voice - the inimitable sound that differentiates them from the rest. For multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matt McCartie – his voice – is a Brit rock-inspired wall of sound known as Theft. In January of 2010, McCartie released the bands 1st release, an EP called “Breathing Underwater”. Followed by the singles, “Fireworks Explode” and “Never Be the Same”

Following their release, Theft’s jangly pop cut “Fireworks Explode” the theme song for the series, It’s On With Alexa Chung. Following that, the band wrote an original score for the award winning documentary show, True Life as the series' first guest composers, the band's spiraling anthem “Breathing Underwater” became the theme for the late DJ AM’s much-publicized intervention series, Gone Too Far and Theft's blistering and emotional song, “Never Be The Same”, was chosen as the theme song for MTV show, If You Really Knew Me, which premiered in July of 2010.

The band, now consisting of members, Austen Hooks on drums Daley Hake on guitar and Ashton Likes on bass, joined Creed for a national amphitheater tour, in the summer of 2010. Coming off of tour, the band was approached by Hype Music to record an album of down tempo, tv and film friendly tunes. What followed was the bands 2nd full length, entitled, “For Your Rainy Heart” which was produced by McCartie. Now the band plans to release 2 albums worth of material, that includes their long awaited 1st full length entitled “The Hard Way” in the fall of 2011. Currently, the band is working out their new live show in clubs around Southern California and look forward to getting back out on the road very soon.