The Fucking Buckaroos

The Fucking Buckaroos

 San Francisco, California, USA

Fast paced, in your face bluegrass and traditional music. If Hank Williams fronted The Pogues. Or if The Pogues wanted to be more like Dead Kennedies. Or if the Dead Kennedies covered Roy Acuff.
We do equally well in Tijuana and Knob Hill.


The music of The Fucking Buckaroos is a sonic assault which fuses together punk-rock, bluegrass and folk stylings. To say that the band blends together these disparate style of music is semi- accurate; it is more accurate to say that they toss all of them into bottle along with some whiskey and pure grain alcohol and then debate amongst one another whether to drink the concoction down or stuff a flaming rag into the top and use it as a molotov cocktail. The Fucking Buckaroos are the bastard children of a clash between urban punks and backroad sinners. Rather than taking a side, they provide the soundtrack for the ensuing riot, playing raucously as the land around them burns.
Formed in San Francisco in 2004, the group consists of Timothy Sandberg (vocals/guitar/banjo), Ricky Pugh (vocals/guitar/mandolin) Andy Appleton (drums), Travis O'Guin (mandolin, vocals) and Thomas “Pinkus” Puhek (bass). Their 20-song, self-titled album, The Fucking Buckaroos, was released in 2007. In 2009 they partnered with Tijuana-based psychobilly band Los Helldandys to put out a split 7" vinyl-only record entitled Popular Romance, and in 2010 they were featured on Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to the Swingin Utters. Their second full-length album, II, was released in 2012 in America, with an upcoming European release planned by Germany’s Out of My Mind Records.


The Fucking Buckaroos - 2007
Untitled 21 - 2010
Popular Romance Split 7" - 2010
II -2012

All albums available on our website for streaming or downloading