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This band has not uploaded any videos



"$%#$! Another unprintable band name"

One day, newspapers might feel comfortable printing four-letter words with abandon.
Until then, a s—load of bands will be reduced to dashes — including F—ed Up, one of Canada’s most revered punk acts, and The F—king Lottery, a supergroup of Edmonton’s hardcore veterans, featuring former members of The Wolfnote and Hundred Acre Wood.
“We were sitting around as new bands do, tossing names around,” drummer/producer Tom Kerr explains. “Serious ones and silly ones. We wanted a cocky, ballsy name for a rock and roll band. Something a little belligerent. The band really doesn’t make any apologies for the way we sound or what we do so. So I tossed out the name The F—ing Lottery, and everyone was into it.
“Since then we’ve found more meaning in a short story by Shirley Jackson called The Lottery. Basically there is a lottery in a small town, and everyone acts like it’s great thing, but in the end the winner gets stoned to death. So they get f—ed by the lottery.”
The foursome, featuring raspy screamer Kevin Zentner, are also flipping the bird at CDs. Their six-song mix of hardcore, blues, and a bit of southern rock, The Breach, will only be available via Bandcamp and cassette, courtesy of Edmonton’s Northern Haunt Records.
“On the small scale (and pretty soon the large) the compact disc is dead. For a small band wanting to gets their music heard by the most amount of people CDs aren’t cost effective anymore,” Kerr explains. “Especially in a world where most music goes direct to iPod. Though our original intent was to go the audiophile way and press these six songs as a 12? record. Somethings happened that delayed the process. and we needed to get the release out as quickly as possible, before the songs weren’t relevant anymore. We’re not trying to make money off this project, but would like as many people to hear it as possible. So all the songs will be up for free download March 10th. But! coming for a time when holding the finished product in your hands ment something, we needed something physical.
“Tapes are cheap and effective. Doing a tape allows us to still do some nice artwork and cool packaging. In fact the design and packaging for this release was done by Bryan Kulba. Now those who want it will have something super cool and hopefully a little unique to take home with them at the end of the night.”
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The Breach (2012)



Formed in 2009, The Fucking Lottery is a rock and roll band hailing from Edmonton, Alberta with members from The Wolfnote, Hundred Acre Wood, and Wolf Goat.

Once described in Vue Magazine as 'Cursed meets BTO' The Fucking Lottery adds a delicious new flavour to rock and roll with contemporary indie sass and a healthy dose of modern hardcore riffing.

An auditory wheelbarrowful of life-changing guitar smut is to be heard in each hard hitting track of their 2012 EP 'The Breach'