The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals


A tapestry of infectious tones that will captivate a listener with instant hook and melody, our music creates a singular experience of relaxation, excitement and spinal shiver comparable to when your most intimate sense has been stimulated by an aura of nostalgia.


The Fundamentals are David Dooley (vocals), David Long (drums), Eoin Drennan (guitars), Jer Bennett (bass) and Robbie Larkin (keyboards). We are a five piece group from Kilkenny, Ireland.
We are currently working towards releasing our album "Past and Present Collide" this Spring. Recently we featured on (as the first track on the first CD) a compilation album called MySpace which reached number 5 in the Irish charts and was reviewed by Jackie Hayden in Hot Press as being one of the tracks that "stood out" on the album.
In promoting this album and our own we have recently appeared (doing some live music) on FM104 in Dublin and KCLR radio.
We also have an up and coming Irish tour with 'Hidden from Nowhere' and 'The looks' commencing on the 1st of August.


Our debut album 'Past and Present Collide' is due for release in August....Tracks which have had radio play from the album include: Everyone Makes Mistakes, So Near, Your Day, Vegas sun.......Also Vegas Sun is the first track on a compliation album released by DCFE records and reached number 5 in the compliation charts.

Set List

Slattery’s, Rathmines

1. Vegas Sun

2. Cakes

3. Your Day

4. Hello

5. Brother

6. Mile High Club

7. Killer Smile

8. So Near

9. Diamonds