The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals


This band is ready to take off in a major way,they have worked their socks off building up a loyal steadfast fanbase who appreciate a band with the chops and ability to deliver in any major arena around the world. Where The Fundamentals excel is there high energy live shows with a mass appeal.


The Fundamentals got together in 2006 with a collective view to creating stadium sized sounds. A debut album followed soon after called “Past and Present Collide” with a number of appearances on local and national radio stations (FM104, KCLR, Beat FM etc).
A single from there album called “Vegas Sun” was track 1 on an album “Ourspace” which reached number 5 in the Irish compilation charts. To promote this project they swiftly took on a heavy gigging schedule with The Looks and Hidden from nowhere on the “Nine Miles to the Gallon Tour” which took them to venues all over Ireland.


1.Past and Present Collide 2007 LP - on sale on i-Tunes and music stores around Ireland. Also a selection of tracks from the album have been play- listed on stations all over Ireland
2.Vegus Sun Single from Past and Present Collide 2007 - Jackie Hayden - A well renowned and respected Rock Writer nationally and internationally claimed that - Vegus Sun was a "standout track" on the compilation album with Vegus Sun as the opener and tipped the band for huge success.Vegas Sun went to No. 5 in the Irish charts.
3.Everyone makes mistakes-Past and Present Collide 2007 LP - This single received heavy airplay on national station and local staions right arcross Ireland.
Brother Single from Past and Present collide 2008 went to no.1 in the irish download charts.

Set List

1. Diamonds
2 .Everyone makes mistakes
3. Your Day
4. Blair Street
5. Don't give in
6. Final stand
7. Brother
8. Killer smile
10. Grace
11. In the Lap of the Gods.
12. Gone too soon.
13. Vegas Sun.
14. Push
15. Mile High
16. So Near