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The fundaMentals

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States | SELF

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States | SELF
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"The Fundamentals - Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock And Roll Testimonial"

As the self-proclaimed "World's oldest garage band", Florida's The fundaMentals reside in that grey area between high and low expectations that can, in this case, be properly summed up by asking "will this catch my ear in a positive way?". Get Off Our Lawn! aims to answer that with a resounding "hell yeah" and, despite a few hiccups, ends up living up to it's lofty title AND living down to the typical garage band sound...
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"Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock and Roll Testimonial" (album) 2012



Rock and roll isn't dead.
Oh, it may have sat on it's cajones and is currently writhing in pain on the floor, but it's not dead. The fundaMentals are loud, obnoxious, and fun. And that's what real rock and roll was meant to be, wasn't it? There's no crotch grabbing hair flipping dancers, no dudes with sad puppy dog faces dressed in their Salvation Army finest telling you life sucks (like you didn't already know that). Just loud guitars, stylish keyboards and a thunderous rhythm section to hold the mayhem together.
The 'Mentals were formed in 2008 in 'The Elephant Graveyard of America", Port Charlotte FL, where old things go to die. Individual members migrated (or were deported) from such diverse places as New York, Maryland, West Virginia and New Jersey to join forces in "The World's Oldest Living Garage Band". Their diverse personalities, backgrounds, and talents combine to create unique rock and roll with just enough of a pop edge to keep it interesting.
The fundaMentals debut album, "Get Off Our Lawn!: A Rock and Roll Testimonial" is 12 tracks of rock and roll derring-do, a sonic pipebomb-in-the-poop-chute, a full-throttle rock and roll foot in the wazoo from a group of (*ahem*) musicians that live for the adrenaline rush that playing it brings.

The band:
The Icon - lead vocals, guitar - The demented genius of the band, you'll love him, though not nearly as much as he does.
Danger Dan - lead guitar - This is all Dan's fault. "The West Virginia Nightmare" strikes again..
Big Hoss - keyboards, vocals - The man who brings class and beauty to the 'Mentals music, though he's been told repeatedly to stop.
The Hammer - drums - The rock solid foundation of the music, and surprisingly smart for a guy from Jersey.
The Mad Bomber - bass - The guy is an explosives expert. He does what he damn well pleases, thank you.

The fundaMentals. Catch 'em before they violate parole.