The Funky Truth

The Funky Truth


If you took Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Roots and Rock, threw them into a coffee grinder, gave it a couple taps, took that fine powder and rolled it tightly together into a blueberry blunt wrap.


In The spring of 2006, 4 small-towning jive turkeys from rural Ontario were on very different paths in their lives, all with one goal in mind: They were going to make music for the rest of their lives. Though these gentleman were aware of each other's existance and talent, and all hailed from the same neck of the woods, (and I mean woods), they were not yet aware that their paths would soon cross. For these boys all shared one thing. They knew that something was missing from their lives, and more specifically, something was missing from the music that saturated the airways with cookie-cutter hooks and overproduction. Growing up in a Community with a haven of incredible musicians and a struggling band scene, the end result was an upbringing of jam sessions and constant improvising, giving many local rising musicians an open-minded jazz kind of mindset.

All being on very similar pages in their musical careers, they each knew they needed to fulfill the part of themselves that craved the freedom to step outside the ignorant uses of the words "right" and "wrong" in music, and play what feels good, while also keeping in mind their appreciation for cunning linguists and poetic philosophy in music.

The end results are heartfelt songs with big, feel-good grooves and spontaneous jams that aren't afraid to travel.


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We can be reached at or (705) 790-3052

Set List

Set list includes mainly origionals, as well as a few covers, typical repertoire includes a very wide variety of music, New and old rock (pearl jam, hendrix, etc), Dave matthews type stuff, Stevie wonder, please check influrences.