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The Fury @ Howard's Club H

Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

The Fury @ The Underground

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


The Fury are a great band from Toledo, OH that have been playing together since High School. Formerly known as Hearsay Tao this band has cut it's teeth on Toledo, and are now ready to take on the world. With plans in the work to move to LA and record with producer Dave Cobb watch out for these kids. I would compare them to something Like Hot Hot Heat meets AFI. If you are a fan of either of those bands you should like what you hear. Check them out at you'll be glad you did.

They've been together for six years and have toured all over the country, sharing the stage with well-known acts such as P.O.D. and The Used. But no matter where they go, the members making up this Toledo-based band always look forward to coming home.

"It's cool to come back to a familiar place and a familiar bed after spending months on some random futon or sleeping on the floor," said Jeremy Lublin, the band's lead singer.

Not everything about coming home is rosy, however.

One challenge they face is the mixed reactions from many people who still know The Fury by the band it used to be: the hard-core metal band Hearsay TAO.

"To those who have never heard of us, come see us live, because it's really the best way to get to know us," Jeremy said. "To older fans, I'd say give us another listen, because it's probably not what you remember."

He said the band's new sound is heavy rock combined with '70s glam and punk influences, plus '80s new wave.

The Fury is comprised of Jeremy, lead vocals; his younger brother, Steve Lublin on drums; Allen Hoffar, bass; Todd Wehrly, keyboard; and Chris Hatfield, guitar.

Jeremy said band members were all between the ages of 13 and 16 when the group started. As the band members have grown

and changed, so has their music.

"Over the years, we've matured a lot in our tastes in music," Jeremy said.

Though the evolving band has toured with big-name bands, Hoffar said The Fury has learned not to be dependent on others for its success after several bands canceled, leaving them with nowhere to play.

"We learned everything the hard way," Hoffar said. "Everything exists in extremes on tour ... the bad stuff is really bad, but it only makes the funny moments even funnier."

When Hoffar, Jeremy and Steve try to agree on a particularly memorable experience the band has had, they find they can't narrow it down to just one or two.

"We met the reincarnation of [MTV's] Bevis and Butthead in Jacksonville, Tenn.," Jeremy said. "They were these two death-metal kids - we recorded them yelling, spewing random hate and talking about how they'd smoked the brains of a corpse."

"There was the time Glass Jaw came into town and got us five backstage passes," Steve added.

"No, wait ... the day we played in the midst of a severe thunderstorm warning, with the wind going at, like, 25 miles per hour," Hoffar remembered. "We could see the storm coming toward us from a distance, but the crowd was just watching us and blowing in the wind. It was like a bad music video."

The Fury is working on its latest album, which band members plan to record in Detroit at the end of this month.

"It's taking our last few songs and really going forward with them," Jeremy said of the album. "It's definitely innovative."

This past summer, The Fury played at the Toledo Music Festival and toured across the country, focusing mostly on the West Coast.

-by Annie Linder
- The Independent Collegian


"The Fury" The Fury 4 -song e.p. released summer '04

"By Land, By Air, By Sleep" The Fury 7 -song Euro and Asia only from God's Child Records (Hong Kong)


Feeling a bit camera shy


If early 70's glam and late 70's post punk had a love child in 2004, The Fury would be it's baby. Heavily influenced by glam rockers Bowie, T-Rex, Queen, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music, and Mott the Hoople and also post punkers The Talking Heads, The Cure and Television, The Fury have developed a truly unique sound and style in a landscape of stale music. Having formed only a little over a year ago, the band have toured from CBGB's in New York to The Troubador in Los Angeles hitting every city in between while on tour with bands such as Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Immortal), Spindle (Triple Crown), Calico System (Eulogy), and Noise Ratchet (Columbia). While in L.A., the band was picked as BMI's band of the month and showcased for a packed room of industry professionals including producers, attorneys, and label reps from both major and indie labels. Currently, the band has one e.p. available in Europe and Asia under God's Child Records out of Hong Kong. A new e.p. featuring the groups more up to date material is in production and is being produced by Tim Patalan (Sponge, The Fags, Love Drug). The e.p. is expected to come out late Spring/early Summer in conjunction with a schedule of relentless touring and showcasing.

For more info, contact Peter Dice at The Industry Group at / 323.464.9006.

For legal, contact Scott Bradford at Davis, Shapiro, Montone & Hayes.