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The Fuse

Croydon, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Croydon, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"The sound pushes through energy with an edge that is hard to define."

The Fuse is an alternative rock band from Croydon, England. This band instantly creates a flashback to the 80's sound, but it is defiantly a sound created for today's indie scene. The Fuse is an indie band that is on the quick rise. In 2010, they saw success on tour and with sales. When performing live this band does the most important thing, which is to sound great. It is a sign of a good band when their live stuff sounds better than the recordings, and this bands has it. The sound pushes through energy with an edge that is hard to define. I would would say that the best comparison would be like a decent fusion between U2's early and later stuff. They have great layering that happens where very part sounds just as good as the others making listening an experience worth doing again. The fuse is everyone's New Wave Indie band.

Songs I like are "Paint this Town," and "Solid Silver." You can check out more info on them at their website: - The Independent Music Scene Blog

"This Quintet Is Good!"

The Fuse

(This article is translated from the Dutch.)

Britpop, and in this case actually made by our overseas neighbors. Described in the program book as Kaiser Chiefs and New Order, although we don't hear New Order. Less bouncy and Beatlesk than most Britpoppers, but no less beautiful because of that.

Plus points:
This quintet is good! Good songs, good musicians, fantastic singer, beautiful harmonies and good sound (also a welcome relief). The Fuse is relaxed with drawn-out songs of very high quality.

Minus points:
The biggest downside to this performance was the public, apart from the fact that the field was only half full anyway, the people that have come are only there to have a good chat and catch-up with one another. The front man doesnt give up however and keeps on inviting [people] to clap and sing along, but with less success than he deserves. Perhaps his impassioned moves scare the public?

The only thing The Fuse are missing is a hit on 3FM [Fuse: a national radio station]. When the public is ready, we'd love to see The Fuse back again!


For the original Dutch please go to: - 3 Voor 12

"Various Radio Reviews"

checked these guys out for you, and added their music to the servers... they sound awesome and I feel will go along way!'

Angel at

'Great Band, I will be playlisting them on New Talent At Dec 16th Also on Local Talent as my 'Guest Band'' on Nov 28th'

Lizzie Bing - Radio Seagull & Saint FM

'I listened to all the tracks, they certainly are versatile, and I can use them in my show. If their live shows are as good as their music suggests, they should have a future.'

Joe Dray –

'I have listened to the Lato stuff, and I really like it.'

Claire at

'We love the band and will be playing "Everybody Knows The Way" on this week's show.'

Rev at

'I like them - very 80's sound i think. They make me think 'The Smiths and Big Country'

Sian Turner

'Good band, nice sound!Will play them in my show for sure.'

Erik Hartman at in Holland

'We played them on a show last year, I like them too. Thanks for the info on the new album' - Various Radio Stations in the US and UK


Debut Album - Freedom Of The City

Available on iTunes.



The Band

The Fuse are a five piece band from London, formed in May 2009. Following a remarkable You Tube video campaign (over various different channels) which scored over 1.5 million plays, the band launched their debut album, Freedom Of The City, to coincide with their first international tour to Holland in March 2010.

Following the success of this tour, the band were booked for some of Holland’s major festivals, including the Breda Barst and Festyland in Autumn 2010.

However the highlight of 2010 came when the band supported UB40 in Enschede – and sold 400 euros of merchandise to reggae fans!

The Music

The Fuse play melodic indie rock with an 80’s edge. They’ve been described variously as ‘Coldplay meets New Order’ (BBC Radio Solent), ‘Kaiser Chiefs meet New Order’ (Paul Daly, owner of London’s Zigfrid von Underbelly), and some have even heard Pink Floyd.


Dutch Rock Website 3 Voor 12 have the following to say about The Fuse, following the Breda Barst show:

This quintet is good! Good songs, good musicians, fantastic singer, beautiful harmonies and good sound (also a welcome relief). The Fuse is relaxed with drawn-out songs of very high quality. 8/10

See separate sheet for more press feedback.


615 on Facebook, averaging approx 700 daily page views with a maximum of 10,216 on December 2010. (source – Facebook stats.)

Wouter Vos, after the Breda Barst show:

‘the Fuse are the genuine article – having seen you, I never want to watch another band. You’re the best band I’ve ever seen.’

The Future

The band is currently recording material for their second album, due for release in 2011.

They have recently secured their first German festival slot, on July 2nd, near Munich.