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The Fusion Porn

Clovis, California, United States

Clovis, California, United States
Band Rock Funk


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"The Fusion Porn? Say again?!?"

What could this possibly mean....could this be a must see,
new release adult flick, or a marked down love toy at your
neighborhood pleasure shop, or perhaps the most watched
video this week on YouTube?
Well no, actually, The Fusion Porn is a sound you’ve
got to hear, coming through five talented Fresno musicians
who make up this awesome band.
Let me back up a bit and explain a few things. The
Undercurrent approached me a month or two back and asked
if I would write something on music in Fresno. I wasn’t sure
if I was the lady for the job, but I agreed to try. I moved back
to Fresno from the Bay Area about one year ago and I’m kind
of a harsh critic, meaning not just any emotional neo-hipster
rock band appeals to me. Actually I’m a big fan of hip-hop,
reggae music and breakbeats, which sometimes leaves little
room for much else. However, I’m certainly not closed-minded
when it comes to trying out multiple genres of music and I
am definitely partial to anything I can dance to.
That said, by some incredible act of God, without
knowing ‘The Fusion Porn’ from a blow-up doll, I happened
to catch this band’s historical first public performance (yes,
first) with all five of its members. I was at Starline on a
Wednesday night open jam and I saw my homie, Jaret, who,
among others, was sporting an old-skool formal man’s hat.
So I asked him“whats up with the hats?” He replied that he’s
there to see The Fusion Porn. My first thought was: that’s a friggin awesome name for a band. Jaret told me his buddy
Rawbert plays bass, and by the way, they’re really good. I’m
skeptical because, come on, it’s open jam night and my preferences
usually run in an entirely different vein. But dude!
When The Fusion Porn took to the stage, they took off! Can
you say…on-stage presence? This is what I call danceable
and funky, entertaining and stimulating music fusion! I was
really impressed, and totally rockin to the cowbell. My experience
hearing these guys stuck with me, and so upon brainstorming
for a music article, my first thought was to introduce
these talented musicians. I caught up withThe Fusion Porn
members at the Babylon club for a few queries. All were present
except the drummer, Lance. ( A car accident earlier that
day had altered his route; fortunately he wasn’t harmed) This
left me talking with Brandonie (bass), Thomas (vocals, percussion),
Rawbert (guitar) and Lexington Black (keys, poetry
“It’s been a hectic day.” said Brandonie,“We’re all
trying to get together for practice, and Lance gets in a car
accident,” the others nod in agreement. “I’m black” interjects
Lex, “so it’s always a hectic day” we all laugh and the band
points out its multi-ethnicity. I asked how they all came to
play together. Apparently, these guys have been The Fusion
Porn with this particular line-up, for only 3 months.
However, they have been in existance much longer, jamming
together for around 7 years.
Their sound is a mix of
classic rock, blues, jazz and
funk music. The members
cite their major influences
as The Red Hot Chili
Peppers, The Doors, The
Cure, and Led Zepplin to
name a few. It is through
practicing that they came to
their band name; because
it’s the fusion of eclectic
and interpolated genres.
The band members jokingly
referred it as “porno-sounding
music”…and thus came to name themselves. The band expects their demo to be out
in about 2 months from now, so be on the lookout.
“It’s all about a good time,” states Thomas, “We’re
tired of heroin music...and meth metal,” adds Robert.
Lexington agrees, “Rock sounds like slowed down rap sometimes,
it’s bullshit.” Lex is the newest member of the band.
After hopping onstage at Starline the night of their premiere
and rapping over the melodies, he got to know the group and
was later invited to become a full-fledged member as the keyboardist.
Lex points out that these days, when “hardcore is a
fill-in,” he’s looking to be part of something with real “presence.”
I’d say he found it.
These guys have it, contagious energy, charisma and
a real presence that is hard to find. So what will it be guys,
fame? Fortune? “It’s all about the music” they entirely agree,
and“to rock as many panties as possible” adds Thomas. You
can check out The Fusion Porn at,
see their live video and single “J-Sax 2.” Plus they
will be performing live at Casey’s Bar & Grill on January
24th...and oh yeah, what is up with the hats? - The Undercurrent

"Meet the Bands"

The Fusion Porn: The band's credo is to "bring back the magic music in adult film entertainment."

As groan-worthy as that sounds (notice that was groan, not moan) the music is really funky and really cool.

In just a few months, the band (which is made up of members of hard rock band Mynis) has built quite a buzz.

The reporter can be reached at or (559) 441-6479. Read his blog at - The Fresno Bee

"Artists You Should Know"

Artists You Should Know: The Fusion Porn
10/12/07 00:00:00

What started as a side project for members of longtime Fresno hard-rock band Mynis has turned into one of the most buzzed-about new bands in Fresno.

The Fusion Porn says part of its goal was to bring back the magic music of adult entertainment, but what it really did was create a really funky sound.

We got the scoop on the band from bass player Brandon Smart. The band plays at Crossroads tonight, opening for Gemini Soul (9 p.m., $10) and shares a bill with Slow Car Crash on Thursday at Crossroads (9 p.m., $5).

Can you explain what The Fusion Porn is all about? Bringing sexy back to rock 'n' roll and providing some dynamic and passionate high-octane fun.

Explain the Mynis-Fusion Porn connection. The Fusion Porn has members of the band Mynis, but other than that, the two bands have a completely different sound and vibe.

I've heard so many people around town raving about you guys, did you expect to get so popular? We didn't create this band to become rock stars, we really do it for fun and the fact people enjoy watching and listening to us is definitely flattering, and it is pushing us to new levels.

You guys have a show coming up with Hollywood's Slow Car Crash next week. You've become pretty good friends, haven't you? Yes, we have; we met last year at a gig and have kept in touch and continued swapping shows. Slow Car Crash is a great band; we enjoy their music and sharing the stage with them.

And you guys are going on tour together -- how did that come about? Omarr [Escoffie, of Slow Car Crash] is kicking off his solo tour in Fresno. I asked him if he would like to have Landry [Douglass, of The Fusion Porn] and myself sit in with him and play bass and drums for a few shows and he gladly accepted.

Do you think it's a pro or con to have the word "Porn" in your band's name? Pro, because it gets people's attention. It's provocative and hard to forget. Con, because there might be one person uncomfortable enough to not listen because of the assumed characteristics.

For music and more: Go to thefusionporn. - Mike Osegueda


We are currently recording our first CD with this line up, it is in the finishing stages and should be out shortly. In the meantime you can check out our Myspace for some streaming tracks!!!



"Musical Heroes with an interest to bring back the magic music in Adult Film entertainment"

The Idea of The Fusion Porn has been around for many years, but finding the right people for job was no easy task for Rawbert(Guitar) and Brandonie(bass), but in the fall of 2006 it all came together. Rawbert discovered a young drumming sensation Landry Douglass(Lance) formerly of the "Suitcase Pimps", with the first jam session together Brandonie and Rawbert knew he was the one for the job!!

After being motivated by the new found drummer, The Fusion Porn began searching for a Vocalist, that search ended quickly when Rawbert asked Mynis front man Thomas Vlahavas to join, he accepted the offer. The Fusion Porn had their first gig only days after Thomas joined the band.

The Fusion Porn has been working on their album "The Love Device" and performing all around central California, They have been developing quite a fan base, packing local clubs to capacity. "These guys have it, contagious energy, charisma and a real presence that is so hard to find"

The Fusion Porn is Quickly becoming one of the most popular bands in central California, The Fusion Porn has shared the stage with rock bands and hip hop groups making them a very versatile and diverse, people from all age groups and cultures have fallen in love with this energetic and entertaining band. So if you are looking for 4 great musicians on one stage, a incredible sound and a show that will leave you amazed, you need to check out The Fusion Porn!!!!!