The FutureKings

The FutureKings


Apsychedelic indie rock band with an unbelievable array of anthemic tunes.


The band got together with one thing in mind, to make great music and blow all the others away, Peter and Alex were protégés of the great Jazz Monk (Julian Diggle - The Movies, Supertramp, Joan Armatrading and long time session musician with Supergrass, Oasis and many other bands to pass through the Sawmills studio). The Monk taught them Guitar, Piano and Drums but more importantly what it means to be a musician. They spent many years searching for two worthy swordsmen to fulfill the prophecy, enter Dan and Ross...bringing their own influences to the table (Nirvana, Queen, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stoneage) the '4 Kings' set about rehearsals locked up in a garage somewhere in the south west of England...after sometime(?) they were ready....

After recording their first demo with producer Pete Briquette (Boomtown Rats, The Frames, Tricky) and Frank Cameli (Razorlight) at the famous Sphere Studios in Battersea, and Miloco Studios in Shoreditch, London. Throughout the winter of 05/06


The FutureKings debut album will be out SOON! - Preview all the album tracks now at