The Fuzzbirds

The Fuzzbirds

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Blues infused rock with a clear influence from Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and The Beatles.


The Fuzzbirds are a four-piece Melbourne band with their roots deep in 70s rock and the blues, ranging from ages 15-17. The band formed late 2010 and has enjoyed writing and performing since. Their heavy influence in bands such as The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin translates very clearly into their playing and songwriting, "like early Led Zep with Jack White on vocals".


Kentucky Lovin'

Written By: The Fuzzbirds

She said I don't need no friends
She said she's gonna love me until the end
She said everything's gonna be alright
She said gonna love me and hold me through the night

I'm never gonna love again, only want to get into her pants

She said I don't, just don't care
And then when we do, my love, we gonna have to share
Can't do anything what I wanna do
'Cause I'm nothing but a man

Never gonna love again, only want get into her pants


The Fuzzbirds - Kentucky Lovin' (2012)