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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""The G8" debut album "comfort zone""

The G8 are the new online music revolution we have all been waiting for.


""The G8" debut album "comfort zone""

“The G8’s” debut album “comfort zone” sits along great albums as
“Guns N Roses” “Appetite For Destruction” “Nirvana” “Nevermind” and “Oasis” “Definitely Maybe”

- Mojo

""The G8" debut album "comfort zone""

Not since Nirvana have a band made a heavy guitar chord say so much until now. If you haven’t already got The G8’s debut album “comfort zone” get online and buy it now!

- Kerrang

""The G8" debut album "comfort zone""

Once and a while a band and an album come along that makes us think about life. The G8 are that band and comfort zone is that album.

- Q

""The G8" debut album "comfort zone""

The Arctic Monkeys may have been the first internet download band, but
The G8 are the best!



Buy "The G8" debut album "comfort zone"

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Feeling a bit camera shy


A Desolated environment, magnified by rules and restrictions by criminals in suits who manipulate, intimidate, aggravate and associate their ideals as being universal. They proclaim to know what it is that young people want. They give with the one hand while punishing with the other. They listen with closed ears and torment the young by supplying the evils which innocence welcomes. These sentiments which are voiced through the lyrics of the G8, with songs like - Nothing happening here, Greed, Fake you, are lyrics that tell the stories to all our lives. Money makes slaves of us all. Throughout our lives, music in Britain and America has affected many people, especially teenagers from a working class background who find hope in being able to influence their government on how they feel. To the G8, this proves that music has the power in influencing decisions which would either bring together a country under the same flag, or simply destroy it. While interviewing Sean and Peter Connolly, they commented on how their social awareness influences them -our personalities in music has now evolved to the point where our only outlet was to create our own music. Our knowledge and experience was to some extent limited, but very much existent. Music to us was no longer a part-time pleasure, but had now become a full-time passion. Throughout their time in their previous band - CADENZA, they managed to achieve much success in respect of being unsigned. In the year 2000 they ended CADENZA and started the G8. To them this would prove to be a band which would encapsulate all that they naturally were about and not what they thought they were about. Their desire to incorporate a DJ into their new line up was agreeable. John Banjo Bannon played with the G8 for a short time until he was replaced by Leafy Hollywood. Leafy, former guitarist with Spider Baby had a reputation for being wild. Although Sean and Peter where apprehensive in asking Leafy to join, it was a decision which would prove worthwhile. Leafys talent as a DJ was accompanied by his ability to work alongside Sean and Peter in finding what they wanted him to contribute to their songs. Throughout time, as with any band, members leave. Unfortunately the G8 were to suffer a blow in the loss of their long-time friend and drummer, Thomas Halliday. Sean has been quoted - Drummers are a dying breed! Not many realise how important their role is. In the hunt for a replacement drummer, the G8 were made aware of a young drummer who was not only thunderous but versatile in his playing, enter Damien Boyce. The G8 was now complete and throughout many performances in Dublin, Newry and Belfast they had managed to improve playing together. The G8 were able to discover and accept what their sound was. This acceptance, according to Sean and Peter was Vital in allowing us freedom to create the type of music we wanted. To some education smothers creativity, it has become conformity, an expectation to which students enter University. Who deserves the right to tell you that you are not smart enough to go to a particular University? The G8 believe that from cradle to grave the Government controls public life. The G8s desire to achieve and create enabled them to continually change their image and style of music. They eventually came full circle, arriving back at their first love, raw energetic, powerful music. Their album Comfort Zone is a collection of songs which captures their ride throughout their musical experimentation with getting to know themselves. Sean I am sure we will change again, but until that time the G8 Comfort Zone tells of where we our now! On many occasions Peter and Sean are asked why they are called the G8. The answer to this is as follows: The G8 summit is a collection of world leaders getting together in clean million dollar rooms, with their suits, fancy cars and pockets full of money talking about how the man and woman on the street should live their lives. These leaders are living lives that are a million miles from us the people. Peter and Sean feel that If these world leaders are making decisions about issues that affect our lives, issues that we are writing about, then we should adopt the name TheG8. Peter This is not our band its everyones band, the man and woman on the street can get their voice and opinion heard through us